What’s In A Name?

Strider gets her moniker and registry

ranger_refit_065aUSS Strider NCC – 7141.

I decided to go ahead and place some of the vessel’s main labels, including her name and ship’s registry, thereby officially christening this Ranger class refit, the USS Strider (of course if she’s just a major refit, that was already her name 😉 ).  Given her precise NCC registry of 7141, she is essentially the same ship from the old FASA Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game adventure module,  The Strider Incident.  That Ranger class scout was pretty severely damaged in her specific storyline, and I thought it would make the perfect candidate for such a dramatic overhaul, akin to that of the 18 month refurbishment the Enterprise received in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

ranger_refit_064gInteriors now visible behind the transparent viewports.

The main hull’s name and NCC registry “decals” are actually just sections of the hull in that specific area, copy and pasted into a new layer.  After UV mapping them with the appropriate label graphics and trimming them down substantially, they are made to hover the tiniest distance over their origin points and made entirely transparent where no graphics or text is present in the UV source imagery.  That entire layer with nothing but these “decals” is then given specific directives in the render program to cast no shadows of any kind, though receiving them is totally favored.

The gangway area has some labels surrounding it, denoting both the ship’s name and its association with The United Federation Of Planets, as well as registry labels at the aft end of the warp nacelles.  Sadly, I forgot to place that stand alone appellation of STRIDER on the lower half of the saucer, behind the sensor dome facing aft, as it appears on so  many other Starfleet vessels.

I changed out the viewports, replacing their glowing textures with transparent glass like settings and placing some low-poly low-detail interiors behind them.  I haven’t UV’d any of the interiors just yet, but there is already a tiny bit of variation in color and lighting amongst them.

ranger_refit_062e2Lower saucer still needs Strider facing aft, but some greebles are finally appearing.

The entire backside of the ship remains a blank canvas that continues to tease and taunt, but other details are beginning to fill the round underbelly. The large triangular recesses on the upper aft also beg for some greeble residents.  I’m just not sure how far I want to mimic the large greeble recesses atop Reliant and Phobos.

I also used some weekend time to experiment more on processing the individual renders, since I discovered the “color balance” tool on my last attempt at render blending.

ranger_refit_059fLots of new textures beginning to fill empty areas.

ranger_refit_045gLong off shot

ranger_refit_062dHere’s an unprocessed version of the underside aft render, for comparison to the version above.

ranger_refit_062eAnother version, but processed.  I went a little overboard on the “deep purple” side of things.


~ by starstation on June 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Love the windows. Really gives you a sense of how small she really is.

    Strider, eh? Old Lord of the Rings reference perhaps? Strider aka Aragorn was a Ranger if memory serves.

    • Yeah, I was totally put off by the small viewports after my first render, but after I pulled the Phobos into the fray for comparison, I realized I’d forgotten just how small she really is. 😀

      As for the LOTR reference, I’d heard that specifically mentioned (recently in fact), but I just assumed it was some FASA story writer’s own private Idaho. 🙂

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