Corrected the missing moniker below

ranger_refit_066b“Strider” now displayed on the ventral hull facing aft.

I corrected the missing stand-alone display of STRIDER, under the saucer behind the sensor dome section.  I’ve also started adding more minor greeble details to the aft.  The section under the impulse engine exhaust has some angled panels now that might be akin to those triangular mounts on the aft of the Reliant (Kevin Riley put similar structures on the stern of his Phobos as well).  On the Miranda class Reliant they are mounted on either side of the shuttle bay doors.   So, though their function is never stated, they may very well be related to landing bay procedures.  General fan speculation has leaned toward marker beacons for instrument approach systems or (and with somewhat more enthusiasm) as tractor beam emitters.  Right now, mine are just raised darkened panels that could possibly fit the bill with minor variations given of course, for the distinction in size and ship class.

ranger_refit_065bRed stripes.

I also added some red stripes atop the saucer to help break up the monotony I was sensing up there.

ranger_refit_067Closeup to help reveal some details in the viewports as well as the decals near the gangway.


~ by starstation on June 26, 2013.

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  1. Lookin’ good.

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