Skin Teeth

Tight squeeze

Got two screen caps illustrating how the bay doors would slide out of the way and how utterly tight a squeeze my second choice shuttle will fit. I had to blend two images since there are tons of structures within the hull of the ship, which I never intended to be seen, that take over that interior space if their layers are visible. That will all have to be gutted if I have any chance of ever rendering a door open scenario.

skin-teeth_01Shuttlebay doors with nested docking collar, in closed position.  Breakdown segments now visible.

skin-teeth_02The nested bay door segment is essentially a huge section of mobile exterior hull rather than a simple door plate.


~ by starstation on July 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Skin Teeth”

  1. i think you’d also have an issue with the plasma conduits from the warp core to the nacelles.

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