Teeth Skin II

The Internal Reckoning

ranger_refit_080e1Interior volume required more finesse that I expected.  But I managed to squeeze it in “by the skin of its teeth.”

I now realize the last post was titled Skin Teeth as a take on the popular idiom “By the skin of [one’s] teeth.”  As I was setting up this sequel post’s title however, I realized how awkward that sounded without any of those familiar accompanying sentence components, a complete reversal of my intended meaning in fact.  Basically I’d just arbitrarily named my image files with the primary identifying elements and didn’t think twice about it when I posted the first blog. Once I considered the mental image of teeth all along the exterior of some beings body, I felt the other title was a bit creepy (granted, teeth skin is hardly glamorous by comparison, but it’s more idiomatically appropriate). Regardless, I have upgraded the sequel’s title.

But on to more important matters. Now that I have essentially carved out a load of overlapping and excess geometry from the hidden bowels of the ship (seems I can’t escape the anatomical metaphors), I was able to render this shot with the starboard bay fully opened to reveal a shuttle parked within that bay’s simple beginnings.  A segment of the deck deep within the enclosure had to be raised a few steps due to some complex structural interactions on the exterior hull’s underside facing forward. Rather than ending the interior at the minimal distance in a blunt bulkhead, this method still allows a shuttle (with a raised nose at least) to fit in snuggly, as well as offering crew members plenty of room to spare surrounding a parked shuttle.

Unfortunatly, I fear there won’t be adequate room to shift the shuttle into any other major position, at least not one of this particular size. So, it would appear that the way it parks is the way it’s stored, but I am investigating further possibilites.

Someone also mentioned how a bay would directly interfere with the primary intermix conduits leading from the warp core to the warp nacelles, but I suspect any detour would be minimal. I’ve taken both the major pylon and large “fin/blade” like structures into account, along that inner bulkhead of the bay adjacent to both. Given that I haven’t even heavily considered any major, interior, engineering elements, I’m not too concerned with this dilemma. I suspect this provides enough wiggle room for some major shaft work near and around the bay’s boundaries.


~ by starstation on July 8, 2013.

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  1. “…major shaft work….”
    heh heheh hehehe heh!

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