Glow & Beams

Self Illumination Tests

ranger_refit_082aRunning lights on, warp engines powering up.

After adjusting the grill work of the inner warp nacelles to actively glow in movie-era visual standards, I decided to try and get an idea of how the ship’s running lights and all other luminous features handle things on their own.  I’ve attempted a few renders with only the ship’s spotlights and glowing surfaces doing all the work, but was rather unhappy with the poor results and the splotchy global illumination, so I turned the key light up a tiny percentage to at least try and establish some hull edge definition. In addition, I tried to aid (fake) the nacelle glow a little by adding some soft, purplish, shadow-free spotlights.  Angles, ranges, and intensities all need some work naturally.

I’ve also added some spotlights to illuminate the pennants on the underside of the ship, but I’ll have to add some feature to the forward section of each nacelle to account for those two particular beams.

I’ll be continuing my light tests, but I may come up with something that could come in handy as transparent layover of some kind in post processing.


~ by starstation on July 10, 2013.

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  1. Fantastic!:)

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