A Relationship Begins…

ranger_refit_109 As promised, the “variation.”

I’ve been very busy of late, but I decided to give in and try a little diversion; that other option for a shuttlebay, which is more in keeping with the Ranger’s original FASA design. Still, I find myself in one of those strange situations where, while I am very much liking elements of this new version, there are some things I just can’t put my finger on that make me want to rip it apart!
This structure is mounted to the ship’s bow and opens in a forward projection. I don’t know that this boxy construct was any kind of shuttlebay on the original FASA design, but several fans have assigned it this task, and I even had a brief conversation with Kevin Riley about the possibility on Sci-Fi Meshes, as the earliest re-imagined concepts included such a structure.

ranger_refit_110The ship’s name and registry will require its own varied style as well.

ranger_refit_110aMarkings on the deck can be seen when the bay door has slid open.

This one significant change doesn’t end on the bow however. Given the enormous amount of real estate this single bay takes up, the two bays in the aft cannot remain as is and will have to be eliminated. It will require a different means of displaying the ship’s name and registry too. Although I’ve currently installed a form of thin rolling door, I’m not fully committed to it just yet. It currently rolls in a horizontal manner and the easiest means of stowing it away when open would have it rolling downward, completely vanishing under the landing deck. The only other option would almost certainly incorporate two door segments, breaking open somewhere near the center, in order to fit any portion into what is essentially a smaller upper recess. Bothering with the second option would probably be illogical for Starfleet engineers, but if some structural necessity demanded, it could make for an interesting bit of graphics on the exterior structure at the line of separation. Despite the detail opportunity, I’ll probably opt for the first option. Other recess doors might involve large, solid-shaped, nested segments sliding vertically and resting off to the bay’s sides, like many other Starfleet vessels. I actually like this notion, but I would have to reconfigure some elements of the door frame for this, so it is all speculation at the moment.

ranger_refit_111aThis single bay takes up more space than both the aft bays in the Slider model.

ranger_refit_112aBay ceiling visible.

ranger_refit_113aVisible on the inner port bulkhead, a large door to an as yet unassigned bay area, itself accessible from the saucer’s underside concavity.

When I built the saucer, I included some large mobile sections of hull plating similar to those seen on the Enterprise and other Starfleet ships. Though never officially defined, they’ve been fun to play with as cargo and maintenance access sections, themselves bay like areas within the ship with access to outer space. Since these were already built into the Saucer’s concavity, I made sure I took them into account when considering the shuttlebay’s dimensions. I also decided to put some large access doors to those areas within the bay. With a shuttle fully parked it is difficult to make out, but with an empty bay the doors’ beginnings can be seen. Very basic thus far, I’ll probably be adding some nice detail soon.


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8 Responses to “Love/Hate”

  1. …interesting…i just hope whoever is at the helm doesn’t decide to speed up a little when a shuttle is landing.
    and…what about a deflector?

    • I’m sure they have that helm stuff nailed down in procedural manuals.

      As for a deflector, the only thing I have leaning towards that (I am presuming you are referring to a navigational deflector) are those bulbous structures on the underside and top that resemble the ones surrounding the big dish on Enterprise. The Reliant had them as well with no evidence of a large dish, so I’ve always tended to tie those structures more directly into the navigational deflector systems of Starfleet ships than the dish alone. One might argue that ships with significantly narrower profiles don’t need the added bulk of the dish but still require the bug zappers on the sides. I’ve also often heard the dishes and their surrounding equipment referred to as navigational deflector/long-range sensors arrays, so I’ve typically imagined the dish and the side structures as working in some concert fashion to fulfill the multifunctional mission of such an array.

      Perhaps the larger vessels have some added superiority when it comes to long range sensors, but smaller ships have their perks as well when it comes to lighter mass and less bulk.

  2. Some people think I am MAD to build a Jupiter 2 in my garage.

    So I thought this appropriate


  3. I think I like the shuttlebay design in the aft end of the ship better. Perhaps if you make the top of teh shuttle bay even with the upper edge of the saucer and extend the bay below the bottom edge of teh saucer it may improve teh design. Thanks

    • Oh, I agree unquestionably about preferring the aft bays, but I just had to have at least one version that leans more toward that original FASA design. It helps both to add variety and to better distinguish the two in rendevous scenes. Love/hates can prove fickle while simultaneously addictive. 😉

  4. Excellent stuff!, Your interiors always amaze!

    Well, there is only somuch you can do with a small sized ship, once you have all the needed bits like an engine, fuel, crew places etc.

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