Saddle Up

The Mustang arrives

ranger_refit_110h2New name for variation vessel.

Was driving down the road the other day and saw a Ford Mustang in my rear view mirror (and no this is not some surreptitious ad for Ford Motor Company).  Not even sure what year it was since I am typically ignorant of such matters.  It was not brand new, nor was it ancient (as measured in car years), but it just had this particular “look” that struck me.  I took one glance at its rather large front grill; it was relatively rectangular and remarkably open and plain.  Immediately I was reminded of the ship I was currently working on.  It was only a vague similarity, but the instant I’d made the mental connection I knew what the name of this version of the Ranger class scout would be.

I went about fixing some new UV maps for the the new name and registry.  I couldn’t think of any better method to place them on the upper hull, so this is what I went with.  I’ve only managed to get the most prominent “decals” so far though.  The new shuttlebay needed greebles, so I transported a few elements surrounding the aft bays on the Strider to this new opening at the bow.  Due to angling and placement issues with the originals, most of them had to be reconstructed in some way or other, but they served as decent base patterns for a quick fix.

ranger_refit_111dDetails added around the door frame.

I also moved the upper forward phasers around a tad.  Since the central double phaser on the Strider was completely obstructed by the new bay features, I decided to break it into two single phaser units flanking either side of the bay.  I’ve seen this on a number of fan designs and liked the touch. This allowed me to swing those single units previously nearest the front back one deflector grid unit. I thought about taking them to full 90 degree port and starboard positions but decided one was enough since the aft of the saucer has embankments.


~ by starstation on September 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Saddle Up”

  1. i’m wondering if the name shouldn’t be a little curved…?
    also, shouldn’t there be periods between the “U” and the “S”s?

    • I think curved names might look a little odd with no curved referential structure or surface underneath it. This structure is utterly flat, which is why I went with this method.

      And yes, I totally forgot the dots. 😀

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