A Period Piece

(Or more correctly, “A Piece With Periods”)

ranger_refit_118bExploring the mossy alien planet.

Ok. I decided to do a “scenic shot” and I got around to changing the graphics for the UV map that serves as the ship’s name, adding those missing periods in the U.S.S. prefix since it appears, as a kind commenter pointed out (thank you 🙂 ), I totally forgot them.  Now that I look back on the Strider and the McCook, it appears I failed to put periods in either of those too!  Unfortunately for the moment, those will take a bit more finessing in order to reincorporate any periods, since those sections are very tightly mapped onto notably curved surfaces and the periods will unquestionably alter the dimensions of the resource graphics.

ranger_refit_116bMissing periods added to the “U.S.S.” prefix of the Mustang.

In addition to that quick punctuational fix, I have begun fleshing out a few more details within the Mustang’s shuttlebay.  I’ve added some structural frame members near the outer door section and I’ve tucked some door segments into the most open sections of the door’s slider track (upper and lower) to simulate an open door.  View ports and hazard detailing are now visible on those side doors.  They were always meant to somewhat resemble those doors seen inside the shuttlebay set of ST V: The Final Frontier, but I didn’t realize how plain and difficult they were to see without detailing until I studied my previous renders.  I’ve chosen to make them open into secondary cargo/maintenance bays which correspond to those exterior hatches under the saucer.  These internal doors simply add an extra environmental barrier between those spaces that open to the extremes of space.  Consoles, wall fixtures, and greebles are beginning to be sprinkled about as well.  Unfortunately I am noticing some poorly smoothed edges on the rounded corners of the door frames, which I hadn’t noted before getting this close.  Probably won’t be the easiest fix either.

ranger_refit_115cDetails are beginning to fill the forward shuttlebay.

With those new details in place I decided I would take it upon myself to add some sort of planetary background image for a nice scenic shot since I have not attempted one in some time.  Since I was working on the shuttlebay for the Mustang, I figured I’d try something involving launch activities.  My first attempt was just a mad grab for something acceptable, but upon review I decided the planet was too far in the distance (see below).  That background itself was derived from a combination of mere stock elements I’d rendered; a star background and a planet rendered in some old program or plug-in downloaded for an experimental trial period.  I liked the program’s results but not enough to purchase, so the software went flat and I have very little else to show for it but a few colorful planets of varying natures.  The planet was pretty gargantuan in pixels mind you, and even though the textures seem a little primitive, I thought they were abstract enough to bring a nice alien portrait quality to the image.  I was able to take the individual stock elements and do a new quick background and came up with the image at the top.  I actually had to play with some of the color settings in post rendering to get that soft greenish glow on some of the ship’s surfaces, as none of it was present given the original scene’s light settings (again see below).

ranger_refit_117bA first attempt with a quick grab version of the mossy green planet.

~ by starstation on September 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “A Period Piece”

  1. Wow. You are doing the ol’ FASA version as with the front piece as well? Cool. I sort of wondered why you left it off it originally- but I grew to like it allot. I will say though that it makes a very angular addition to a very nice and curvy ship.

    Both versions are great. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I decided I had to have something closer to the original as well to help provide more of that “missing link” substance. I’m still incredibly happy with the Strider though, but I really like having two distinct versions.

  2. well done sir

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