Slowly Returning Mojo

During the dreary times

Abbe_016eNew details falling into place.

Haven’t opened Lightwave in several weeks, much less posted any new materials in months. In addition to being a busy season full of distractions, the winter months (even without “polar vortexes”) tend to have a dulling effect on my moods. But thankfully, I’m now beginning to get a little motivation back. Still, things are taking their time coming into focus. In order to spur my interests, I thought I would play around with a downloadable Abbe class starship I’d come across on the Deviant Art website. Sadly as it turns out, I was unable to import the model’s available format into Lightwave. I decided I would just return to my own Abbe class model I began a few years ago and begin finishing some of those minor details I’ve long been procrastinating, especially those features that can be translated to other starship classes of the immediate period.

Abbe_015cBridge dome and nacelles actually near completion, while pylon details, and view ports finally show up.

Some time in the past two years I went to the trouble of rebuilding the Abbe class’s saucer section to make the surface features smoother, but I diverted to the Ranger class before ever returning to this ship.  With some things I learned building the Ranger class warp nacelles, I finally finished the most off putting model elements to the standard nacelles I built a couple of years ago: the grille plates along the sides.  I then decided I would top off the saucer’s upper mound with a bridge dome specific to the Abbe design I’ve seen in various 3D and scale models over the years.

Abbe_017bThe bridge dome module is finally installed.

The view ports were begging to be started then, and I also started working on some interior spaces, but these are so far limited to the saucer’s rim.  I added a section of grille vents on the ventral surface of the nacelle pylons, however, the pylons still have quite an agenda of refinement ahead.

Abbe_014bDorsal port holes coming along nicely.

The dorsal view ports have also been started, but I’ve debated whether to even bother including any forward aiming view ports, since this particular ship will eventually have some form of navigational deflector right where any windows are typically placed.  Still, the saucer section used on other standardized designs could easily make use of them, so I will probably put them on at least one version.

Pending tasks include texturing the saucer rim’s parallel rings, a feature most often associated with the ship’s deflector systems, fleshing out details of the more or less secondary hull, and possibly refurbishing the details of the weapons pod. Also, if I can manage to remember it in the near future, I have running lights ready to import from several other models that will fit in quite well.

~ by starstation on January 20, 2014.

3 Responses to “Slowly Returning Mojo”

  1. And he’s back! Very nice work. The Abbe with be another fine addition to you ever-growing fleet.

    • Thanks! I know I’ve used her sparsely as a stand-in for several WIP shots of Star Station India , but I can’t wait to see her docked at the station when she’s much closer to completion! 🙂

      Unfortunately though, I’m mostly limited to weekend work at present. Certainly looking forward to Friday this week! 😀

  2. Not to worry.:) A lot of us in in that same boat here of late. TGIF!!

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