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Abbe_019c1Warp pylons gain more refined detail.

Got a few things done this Saturday.  I was finally able to refine the grill vents along the forward and aft edges of the warp pylons. I thought it was going to be one of those forever tasks that I dread for the longest times, but apparently it only took one repeat episode of Mike & Molly to complete!  I cut out the portion I’d already made into grill slits (along the entire length of the edges) and placed them in another layer.  A few new polygons later, I’d closed up both surfaces and stenciled in the more rounded nook shape (which is broken up into two nooks on the aft portion).  With some extrusion, corner rounding, and a little cleaning up, I was done with the new nooks, and remarkably the grill slits I’d already created fit back in perfectly! 😀

Abbe_020aNavigational deflector time?

The longest task was making the deflector rings along the saucer rim more accurate.  It wasn’t difficult necessarily, as I only had to delete the polygons that raised the rings away from the underlying surface and then weld the remaining raised rings back down until they were flush.  They were already textured, so it just felt like that was the best method.  I sped the whole process up a bit by deleting the entire starboard side of the saucer, which I was able to replace with its mirrored version once the task was completed.  Though a very daunting mission, I’m looking forward to implanting this design’s rather unique navigational deflector; Reduced in size and more distinctly ovoid in shape, it’s a dish that is fully embedded within the ship’s dorsal saucer, just forward and above the lower sensor dome.  I say it’s daunting because it will be a very organic blending of the individual elements, and that is simply not my strong suit.  But, I managed to build all the warp nacelles from all the ship’s I’ve taken on, so hopefully I can handle it.

Abbe_014hWorked on light a bit

Next up, reaction control thrusters on the saucer, and more little surface greebles for the nacelles and other locales (I’ve already started a few of those).  I actually finished some panels on the saucer’s upper mound and even repaired a section of the bridge dome that wasn’t sitting right with me, but I don’t have any images of that quite yet.  I have also been trying to get some better angles for the lights, though I haven’t settled on much, other that targeting the rotation of all the lights to the ship itself.  That way, no matter where I choose to move them, they will beam toward the ship.  Eventually, I may be able to coerce myself into redoing those details on the weapons pod (or completely rebuilding it), which I based quite a few years ago on some of the earlier, less detailed images from Jackill’s Starship guidebooks.  I can’t say I would abandon it altogether, as I am rather fond of the one currently in place.

~ by starstation on January 26, 2014.

2 Responses to “Pylons…”

  1. Looking good. You won’t have any trouble doing the deflector area. It might be a tad difficult but you have mad skills and have done wonders in the past. So,…….carry on.:)

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