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Abbe_014kThrusters, panels, and running lights show up.

Got a lot done this weekend it seems.  In addition to the work I did on Saturday, I worked on the reaction control thrusters yesterday.  Luckily, I only had to build a single section (top and bottom- the unit closest to the port bow), and was able to duplicate it for all “four corners” of the saucer.  Though they were visible in the previous renders, I forgot to mention in the post that the running lights had been added.  The warp nacelles got a number of those little, raised, rectangular greebles all along their outer surfaces.  And I also placed a number of those large rectangular features so often discernible on the underside (ventral) of a ship’s saucer, though I still have a few more to add.  Of those ventral saucer features, I started with the ones I thought would be the hardest: those most often considered to be “landing pads” of some sort, housed high up in that ventral concavity.  They are the most  frame like in appearance and tend to stand out better at a distance.  It wasn’t hard, but a little tricky having to erase some previously recessed “deflector grid” lines while lining up newly created recesses with the existing that remained.  Again like the thrusters,  I was able to construct the one and mirror the other three.  I also added the first stages of those indented airlocks common in most ships of the era.  With curved doors that essentially act as exterior hull panels when closed over the nook like spaces, they are located  just above, slightly forward, and to either side (port and starboard) of the lower sensor dome.  However, these are hardly close to completion.  While I did begin creating a new border for the exterior door panels, it’s mostly just color blocking at this time.  The door panels themselves are only a slightly bluer/green/grey than the current default grey of the ship’s hull, which tends to make them less noticeable in this lighting scenario, a near total wash out with the slightly bluish hued back lighting.  I also failed to extend the door’s opening down just slightly past the deflector grid as they are most often portrayed, but I was getting lazy by that stage of the day.  The mildly blue/green door can be seen a bit more clearly (barely) on the image just below.

Abbe_015gAnother angle, more panels and main gangway visible. 

I did some bevel cleaning of those panels on the upper mound and added a couple new ones, and the main gangway is fully in place.  I was ecstatic that I was able to actually transfer it directly from the Strider without having to alter anything!  Here the little nacelle greeble panels can be see a bit clearer, and I’ve started adding some more details to the weapons pod.

Abbe_016f2Aft again, nacelle details definitely visible.

The aft launch tubes for the weapons pod have until now been incomplete, and strangely enough, they still are. But in this instance I copy and pasted (mirrored) the front section to act as a filler until I better decide what I want to get done there.  The entire aft tube structure is just hovering there right now over a darkened smooth surface, and I had to eliminate the tubes that were there to prevent any interference.

Abbe_019dA number of the nacelle greebles seem to be washed out in shadow or obscured from view in this shot.

Here (above) for some reason the lighting is not quite stark enough to fully reveal those few greebles along the inner profile of the warp nacelles, though you can pick them out if you stare long enough.  The outer face of the starboard nacelle is turned so nearly parallel to the line of sight that its greebles are also hard to make out, though they are better lit.  The ones on the aft end (which were there previously) are still easy enough to make out.


~ by starstation on January 27, 2014.

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