Blocking Hull Lines

And other greeble minutiae

Abbe_024Impulse area gets some treatment.

Began work on some more sprinkle greebles all around and began playing with texture blocking on some surfaces. Some of it is just temporary, but the thin lines all about meant to represent hull plate separations or deflector grids are a first step to modeling them into place (if I choose to go any further with it).  I added a number of greeble features to the impulse housing, and the surrounding area got some hull line stencils.  The bridge area got a few tiny greeble spots around the light housings and I decided to make the larger viewports around the area glow for a time rather than the unlit glossy black they were.  Eventually I’ll build some interiors for the spaces.  Those larger viewports don’t escape scrutiny with mere glows upon close inspection.  At least for now they stand out a little better and help define more shape in the shadows.

I added more of the panel details to the underside of the saucer and finished up the details on the airlock doors.  The problems with the lighting in regards to the saucer rim shield lines and its applied bump map won’t ease up.  I am considering pulling them out yet again and modeling the lines in earnest.  I had really hoped the bump map would suffice, but I can’t seem to get around it.

Abbe_020c1Underside gets panel refinements.

Abbe_018aPlayed around with some pylon patterns.

Abbe_021e1Nacelle pylon patterns are most likely just temporary.

Played around with some new angles too.

Abbe_022On approach.

Abbe_023Closing in.

Some more familiar angles with the minor upgrades visible.

Abbe_017hTried to get some new bridge details to come through, but need a closer shot.

Abbe_016h2Some of the newer details from the aft.

Abbe_019eI noticed from this angle how the new neck details under the weapons pod reveal a slight discrepancy of expanse which will need to be filled. The pod is just floating inches off of its support!

Abbe_014m3Classic underbelly. I fixed some smoothing errors around the large airlock panels.

Abbe_015hx2This angle will probably make for good docking fodder.

~ by starstation on February 4, 2014.

3 Responses to “Blocking Hull Lines”

  1. She’s looking great. Personally, I prefer modeled lines over bump mapped ones, but I usually make mine too thick when I try bump maps. Yours look good, though.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I have to agree. I prefer them modeled as well, but I went for bump this one instance (on the saucer rim rings), trying to possibly save some time, poly count, and overall memory. Results are bugging my sensibilities though.

      • I think textures actually add to memory usage more than geometry does. At least, it seems that way when I texture something and then my render times quadruple. 😉

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