Powered Up Texture

Contrast provides clarity.

Abbe_027aThings stand out a bit better with the glow.

I created a quick and dirty image in Pixelmator: a simple radial gradient with blue tints, starting very bright at the center and darkening as it progressed outward. I mapped it to the concavity of the deflector dish in its color and luminosity channels.  There’s a great deal more to do, but at least it stands out a little better now.  I have  a sleep study over the next couple of days, so I won’t be returning to the model or rendering until at least Thursday, so I thought I would get these posted today.

Abbe_015jA familiar angle.  Still so much to fill in.

Abbe_023cAnother familiar.


~ by starstation on February 11, 2014.

4 Responses to “Powered Up Texture”

  1. When launched, how close would those forward torpedoes come into proximity with the bridge? Better hope the targeting solutions are accurate!

    • Oh, I’m sure Starfleet has worked that out. It’s hardly much closer than the Enterprise launchers are (both TOS and movie versions) to significantly crucial elements of the ventral primary hull, and practically shares the same launch profile as the Miranda class with its roll bar and weapons pod in place.

  2. If they’re not smart enough to not shoot off their own bridge, they don’t deserve to be Starfleet officers. 😛 There are definitely quite a few “close shaves” on some canon Starfleet ships. The Nebula class has about the same clearance of its pod over the bridge, and they fired torpedoes from that in Redemption, Pt. 2. The clearance of the Miranda class’s torpedo launchers is also pretty tight. And, there are at least a couple classes (Sovereign and Nova) where bits hang down to where they’re overlapping the deflector dish. You’d think a blast like the Enterprise fired in The Best of Both Worlds, Pt. 2 would damage/destroy those bits.

    The deflector area is looking great. 🙂

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