Maps à la Aztec

A humble beginning.

Abbe_028Just the first few sections laid on. Primary light angle here prevents a full examination of the “shiny” settings.

I started putting a few UV maps of the ship’s Aztec patterns in place. I simply decided to use the same ones employed on the Ranger class, though I suppose I can update those later at my leisure, assuming there’s even a need. I concentrated on the six panels forming the “wedge” just to port of the ship’s forward center line, getting their new maps all properly aligned.  I then did some fun cut & paste of the other untextured panels, transporting them into other layers, stripping them down to their bare points, and finally aligning and welding copies of the UV textured panels to their nearly identical underlying point structure- point by point.  Granted I can’t help but liken this to the sensation one might have while knitting a Zeppelin by hand, stitching individual sheets of its outer skin to her frame. Nevertheless, I really like the end result, and I’m told knitting is sort of mind soothing.

Abbe_028bTrying to get that light at a better angle, but still not quite enough.

Abbe_029  Well, looks like I overcompensated.  I’ll get some more panels textured later and this angle will be more useful.

I’ve only done two “wedges” of the hull’s upper section. Much more yet to go.


~ by starstation on February 25, 2014.

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