Deflector Sensor Thingies Adjusted

Altering some angles and proportions

Abbe_027dDeflector sensors reduced and rotated outward slightly.

I reduced the size of the space-energy field attraction sensors since they felt so bulky. Still need to get them blended into the hull panels, but I feel better about them now. I also added some color markings to the upper section of the alcove based on some of the better variations I’ve seen. Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to start on some Aztec patterns for they ventral saucer and maybe even some pattern work on the warp nacelles.

Abbe_020gI think they look a bit less obtrusive now.

Abbe_014pSlightly different angle. Obviously Aztec must spread to the ventral saucer section now.

Abbe_023eYet another angle.

Abbe_016jSaucer’s Aztec panels are barely detectable from this old angle.

~ by starstation on February 28, 2014.

3 Responses to “Deflector Sensor Thingies Adjusted”

  1. Looks great! I’m already looking forward to a fleet shot!!

    • Thanks! Me too! I’ve looked at a couple of my oldest renders (15 years old or more) for inspiration and to see if I want to redo any of those earliest images. The Akyazi and Abbe were the first ships I ever built in Ray Dream Designer, and I had a few “rendevous” shots I thought might like to revisit.

  2. They still seem big and bulky to me, but that’s just me. At least they’re not as bad as they were. 😉

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