Toe Stumping Improvements

Newly knocked out nacelle & pylon texture maps cause deliciously fresh stress.

Abbe_031Improvements to aft nacelle maps have left me thoroughly unsatisfied with the remainder of the nacelle.

After referencing tons of studio model images, I punched out some new graphics this weekend to serve as UV surface textures, and even managed to project them onto a few hull surfaces before my computer went to crashing again Sunday evening. While nothing is perfectly representative of the movie models, the reference images inspired me enough. Those completed for the aft end of the warp nacelles took the longest and were the biggest improvement, though I ran into some angling issues that have yet to be rectified. However, after seeing the new textures in a rendered format, I am completely unsatisfied with the map utilized for the remainder of the nacelle. It was a rather simple pattern originally conjured up for some of my Akyazi class hull elements and basically repeated here to spread it far and wide across the entire length of the nacelle. It now seems exceptionally modest compared to the newer maps, and with the practice I’ve gained doing that aft portion, it shouldn’t be too complicated to update the rest of the warp engine. I suppose that will be a new task for me in the near future.

Abbe_032Pylons got some new maps too with quite a bit more detail.

I was also able to ruffle up a couple of maps for the upper and lower surfaces of the nacelle pylons. So far they were just variations of color and specularity in the individual polygons that comprise the mesh of the hull itself. They are angled and crisscrossed just right to help get a good blocking idea of what I wanted, but the details were simply not there and I knew that modeling any excessive detailing would eventually bite me in the proverbial rump.

Abbe_035Upper pylon is less detailed than the lower section.

Regardless of the texture improvements and the improvements yet to be, I still need to fix some mesh geometry as I’ve detected some smoothing errors and more than a few instances of light bleed in the shadows.







Abbe_034Can’t wait for a name and registry there.


~ by starstation on March 10, 2014.

4 Responses to “Toe Stumping Improvements”

  1. Beautiful! Love it.:)

  2. The textures look great. Though, there are two words you need to add to your 3D vocabulary: Close Enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (those two words will save you a lot of stress and hair pulling)

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