Nothing Special

Sunny Angles

Abbe_036Just checking some texture highlights at different angles.

I rendered these a week or so ago, just to test some light angles on the new Aztec textures.  Truly nothing special, but I thought I would go ahead post them for fun, since I had them up and ready to go.  Perhaps if I want to enhance the image at all as I have been experimenting with, I can have some fun later trying to incorporate a stand-in for the light source: maybe a fake background star  with a hint of faint nebulosity or some such.

Abbe_037An angle that’s a little brighter on the saucer’s spec settings.

Abbe_037aSame render at a slightly darker exposure.


~ by starstation on March 18, 2014.

2 Responses to “Nothing Special”

  1. Looking great. I like to render “tests” like these too, to make sure my textures don’t look like puke. They’ve saved me from stamping “done” on some truly dreadful textures in the past. 😉

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