Panel Work

Metal and wood get some minor adjustments

Phobos_VIP_25bMetallic corridor panels and wooden wall sections see some changes.

The metallic corridor panels got some upgrade in their brush metal texture, snatched from another of my interior model’s settings. The texture I had been using was much older and was a simple procedural setting to mimic the brushed aluminum look of the corridor panels. I got some really good advice on some texture settings a few years ago and applied it to most of the corridors I’ve done since (most notably to the McCook’s corridor sections), but I honestly don’t recall a thing about the implications of those settings since they were achieved using the nodes functions. Nodes tend to confuse me immensely, and even though I seemed to comprehend it at the time, I’m years out of practice implementing my own adjustments. Here I just copy and pasted some textured elements from the primary model which housed them and applied that texture to this model’s panels by UV mapping. The fine polish and blurred reflectivity of the panels is a noticeable change, but the UV map that substitutes for the metal’s brushed pattern is hard to detect from this camera’s distance.

The only other noticeable adjustment was a minor break down of the wooden panels in the curved center-wall area. And though they may be completely artificial (within fictional-universe terms), I thought it helped make the apparent wooden surfaces seem more like genuinely installed modular sections, rather than a simple surface that cleverly mimics wood with faux bois techniques (which I have no real problem with when done well) or some blatantly fake wall paper (which conceptually I dread).


~ by starstation on May 8, 2014.

3 Responses to “Panel Work”

  1. Great job on the metal walls. That looks closer to what was on the actual sets from the movies and TV shows.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I’m much happier with this, though I can’t help fighting the feeling that it looks a little too “plastic.” So far I’m willing to chalk that up to the sheer distance from the camera, at least until I can get another render at a slightly closer distance to the panels themselves and their subsequent texturing. I mean, it might just be the lighting angles or something, but some of my other corridor works seem to capture the “metallic essence” a little better. So, I’m not sure if the settings have since been changed for those newer renders (which I had assumed used the very same parts and UV settings). A definite, “hmmm…”

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