Office Work

Office Work

space_office_transp_rm_005aOffice Station Module featuring Transporter/Airlock section

After months of Lightwave separation, I recently began trying to duplicate some elements featured within the Orbital Office Complex as it was depicted in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

I’ve already done quite a bit of work on the Complex as a whole itself (back in 2009), though I never completed it. But after years of procrastination, I decided I wanted at least one of the office modules to have some of those interior details we were able to witness in TMP. As I studied reference materials and available shots from the movie, it was interesting taking note of differences between the various methods utilized to represent the station at different scales and perspectives: First, there was the fully inclusive effects miniature of the entire Complex, meant for those wide, distant, approach and departure shots; Another highly detailed miniature, built at much larger scale, served as stand-in for some rather up-close and personal shots of a single office module’s immediate exterior; And finally, there was the actual full scale set built on studio lot, constructed as a mock-up of that same office module’s interior environment and used to film the actors immersed in character.

When all was said and done, it appeared as if there were some discrepancies in the different versions of the office module’s wall angles, especially the upper portions; They appear to get progressively steeper with each further depiction, from effects miniature to studio set. Of course, I was never able to physically measure anything, so it was all visual guesswork on my part. Either way, certain things simply didn’t match up if I bothered to follow through with every feature I’d analyzed, which left me with a bit of liberty to compromise. So, here is an early test render to let me begin gauging things. I’ve also chosen to remaster the exterior of this one module (one of the reasons match work proved so cumbersome). As a result, it won’t sync perfectly with the other modules on my older model of the Complex.

Hopefully, I have some updates tomorrow.


~ by starstation on August 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “Office Work”

  1. Hi!
    It’s very nice to get some of your beautiful work again.
    I’m very excited to see the end result.
    I noticed that the airlock in the background, is wearing the number 6 in the movie.
    Number 5 is the airlock Kirk and Scotty pass throught to the travel pod.

    • Thanks! Glad to be back into it.
      Yeah, 5 was just a stand-in since all I had in my graphic bag-o’-tricks for that particular door sign was a 5 and a 14. I actually put the same 5 sign over both doors, knowing that at least one was accurate and that I would eventually get around to uploading the proper font to my new system. That way, I could get a new graphic completed, and make a quick correction to the 6 over that particular door (which I finally did yesterday afternoon 😀 ). I had some newer images churning out overnight, which might get posted later today (hopefully- no promises). For the past day or so, I’ve mostly concentrated on spicing up the textures to look less “plain/flat” and refining some edges on the exterior where the boxy airlocks join up with the more wheel like office module.


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