Six Fix

Amongst others

space_office_transp_rm_010abAirlock 6 label corrected, along with a few other touch ups.

Finally got all the “Starfleet Special” fonts moved from my old computer to my new one, and was able to create a new, albeit simple, version of the airlock label featuring number 6 rather than 5.

I played around with the deck textures after I saw how well the fuzzy blurred reflections looked on the metal casings of the large computer monitors. I was so impressed with the decking results, that I decided to employ similar settings on several other bulkhead and frame members to juice up the surfaces.

Things might seem a tad sparkly paint, but I’m optimistic so far.

I also added a small console in front of the transporter pad, though it is actually a nurses’ station borrowed from my sickbay set. Serving only as a stand-in for something more akin to the office transporter console seen in The Motion Picture, the nurses station I built for my sickbay model was a total replacement for the one employed on the actual movie sickbay set, as I am not overly fond of that design. Ironically, The Next Generation production actually used the movie nurses’ station as a transporter console in some cargo bay scenes early in its first season. I am working on a more accurate office console now, though it is not well imaged in its short time on screen. Still, I think I have the basics down, and will take those creative liberties I’ve had to tap thus far to finish it.


~ by starstation on September 1, 2014.

5 Responses to “Six Fix”

  1. Guten Abend.

    Everything looks great.
    However, I noticed that the wall pattern (honeycomb) in the transporter chamber looks more like in “The Wrath of Khan”.
    In “The motion picture” this was held more in silver/blue.

    Liebe GrรผรŸe aus Deutschland!


    • Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah, I might play around with that, but honestly, I’ve never felt they really well backlit in the first film. So in this instance, I’ve chosen to mostly ignore that and call creative liberty. I just dig the purple. I’ve also had a hard time for years determining which direction those molded hexagonal shapes are facing: In or out. They are used in a number of studio situations, from transporter chambers to giant environmental containment doors within engineering and cargo bay sets. From the best screen shots I’ve observed of the Office Complex’s transporter chamber (based upon some directional lighting and corresponding “Shatner shadow”), those particular hex bumps appear convex (out) rather than concave (in). I personally tend to prefer a concave orientation, and that is how I chose to set them up in this model, though it may be inaccurate. I’m mostly going for the “spirit” of things, while attempting to fill in gaps for things we never actually got to see on screen. Despite the brilliance performed on this franchise’s productions, there are enough on-screen conflicts that I don’t expect to ever get things perfect.

  2. Looking great. It’s nice to see some more progress on this after a bit of a break. It’s interesting how they reused the nurse’s station as a transporter pad. I know they saved money by reusing whatever they could from the movies on TNG. Of course, TNG reciprocated by “lending” some interior sets to Star Trek V and Star Trek VI. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Yeah, I’m sometimes amazed and yet totally unsurprised at the sheer amount of cross pollination those productions amassed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’ll tell you what’s really funny is when you get into some of those props and set pieces that were used in other Sci-Fi. Either they were on Star Trek first and made their way into another show or movie or the reverse. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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