Closer Inspection

Greeble growth persists

space_office_transp_rm_019A few more minor details added upon closer inspection.

Continuing to add details at a snail’s pace. It seems mold grows faster than greebles on my current schedule. Seriously, I could probably do this faster in a Petri dish. I zoomed the camera in a little so that grid pattern on the large panels is more evident. I added more light boxes and figured I’d do a quick shot from the interior to reveal a travel pod lined up with a docking port. Alas, it’s several feet away from fully docking and it’s barely visible out the view ports.

space_office_transp_rm_020“4” approaching “6”

space_office_transp_rm_018cNeed to start concentrating on upper surface greebles (if I can come close to finishing these walls)

space_office_transp_rm_018dGrid panels might as well be bamboo wallpaper from here.


~ by starstation on October 1, 2014.

4 Responses to “Closer Inspection”

  1. It’s not that slow. I’ve seen slower. 😉

    Everything is looking great.

  2. Heh, Thanks. 🙂

  3. Wanna talk about slow, just check out how long I take to make MSDs!

    Been lurking and watching this progress. It’ll looking great. All you need to do is as a little film grain and blur it a tincy bit and the interior shots look straight out of TMP.

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