Starstation Attention

A return to the land of the living…

SSI_091bDetail beginnings: Interior spaces for the central junction of the South pier and the start of a fueling station along its lower pylon.

I’ve been restless the past few weeks, wanting to visualize some elements of my space station. I haven’t touched it since November (technically, I’ve barely touched my computer since then), and even then I was just trying to give my brain something to do for a short period when I was in a funk, having some strange prescription interactions after a medical procedure.

I’d actually began in November by adding elements of a fueling station and its “tower” onto the pylon just below the pier area. I had included a platform space for that very reason from the beginning, but the implementation eluded me. The basic structure was eventually inspired by a battery charger that mounts into an electric wall socket, which I’d used for years.

But more recently, when I kept looking at the blankness of the rather large “glowy” windows, widespread through the concourse and central pier structure, I decided to bite the bullet and flesh out some details regarding that area as well.

SSI_090bNot too happy with the fueling tower, so it’s most likely a total stand-in until I can configure something that feels “right.”

Just like the main cargo facility, with its large doors spaced at various locations along the entire exterior of the pier superstructure, the majority of the upper concourse runs uninterrupted through its own particular level. Figuring out a way to combine the two individual piers at their central main juncture was a task I’d been putting off for some time.

SSI_092Concourse and central docking port get interior spaces and observation areas.

Everything is mostly basic interior layouts with walls, carpeted decking and ceilings with broken up lighted areas. I might (probably) play with some more detailed interiors in the future, but currently this is all for show from an exterior perspective.

SSI_093Part of the fueling station is based on a wall mounted battery recharger.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the refueling area, though I’m not too happy with the rising tower portion. It’s a little simplistic and probably just a stand-in for now. The tower is where starships will be able to latch on and receive fuel through their lower or secondary hulls. Though there is nothing canon about it, I’ve always been fond of the idea that the big yellow circle with red border, seen on the underbellies of so many starship designs, was a direct site for the refueling of the matter and antimatter reserves. It just screams, “caution!” Granted, there will be other methods for refueling vessels not so equipped, or for ships actually docked at the piers for any lengthy period (though I haven’t exactly figured out how yet), but this will be a more convenient “drive-through” version that won’t take up valuable docking slips. I just need the tower to feel more “Starfleet.”

Still, there’s so much more to do and little time to devote, but it’s all just a fun hobby. πŸ™‚

SSI_089aMuch earlier render of mere “glowy” windows for comparison.


~ by starstation on January 28, 2015.

7 Responses to “Starstation Attention”

  1. I’m glad to see you’re back – and with an update to your wonderful Star Station India design, too! I love the station and look forward to seeing more whenever your schedule allows.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah, glad to be back, even a little. Seems there are hardly enough hours in the day, but trying to get a few things squeezed in here and there. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s looking great. Though,you have a slight smoothing error on your big arm coming down from the platform area.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, I totally noticed that (actually have smoothing errors all over the place), but I haven’t had the gumption to worry about it quite yet. I’m pretty sure that whole face of the pylon is one big polygon that needs to be triple chopped into a million, but I haven’t been prepared to commit too many more polygons quite yet. Things are slow enough as it is.

      Also, I have a lot more detail work on that pylon alone, and I haven’t quite settled on how I planned to break up all the “open spaces” yet. In addition to greebles and eventual textures, it probably needs some little hatches and airlocks, a minor bay or two, or possibly just some something to suggest maintenance access in the form of slightly raised plates or subtle indentations. It will also need at least a few small viewports of some kind. However, I do want less detail than the pier structures; It’s mostly all about finalization. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, I get these a lot too when I have rounded edges intersecting a flat ngon. I think it’s caused by the angle of the rounded faces closest to the ngon being below the smoothing threshold. One simple way to fix it is to do a bevel with no shift and a very slight inset. That creates a “barrier” of flat quads between the rounded faces and the ngon, allowing the ngon to render properly. Of course, if you’re going to cut into said ngon after doing that, you have to be careful not to create more issues. πŸ˜‰

  3. Good to see you back in action, Basill!

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