Moving Slow On Upgrades

But managed to sprinkle in a few new features.

SSI_095New observation deck, located in the arch, a ways above the docking port.

On Thursday evening, I was able to tinker with some items on my space station’s latest focal area. I was really interested in making some of those larger viewports on the inner arch look less like generic light boxes and more like habitable interior spaces. I started with the first large grouping, a number of decks rise from the top concourse level of the piers. I thought these large rectangular vistas might work well as some sort of observation deck. While intended as a large public space, I wanted it to remain distinct from the huge and more hectic concourse levels. Though the concourse areas include a full range of service venues, I figured a quiet lounge-like atmosphere for cocktails or dining could offer an escape from all that hustle and bustle. Aside from necessary maintenance (mostly along the outer flanks), the majority of any arch’s interior space is dedicated to offices and accommodations for station guests and crew.

SSI_094Lighting is a little hard to make out in the new interior space.

I made this observation deck fairly large and added comparably low-key, indirect lighting for mood purposes. At the time it seemed appropriate to the task, but it might have turned out a little too dim. The lighting is certainly less harsh, but it’s almost impossible to make out any interior details from these distant exterior renders. I will probably have to rethink some of my ideas here. The space is not wide open across its entire spread through that section of the arch. Rather, there is a partitioned area in the center, isolated from the surrounding public spaces, intended for its accompanying service industry functions.

SSI_096The view down from the new observation deck.

I did a test render looking down through the viewports of the new observation deck, with the camera pointed toward the large toroidal ring near the station’s central nadir.  Currently, a majority of the station’s remaining 3 quarters are not included in this model, while I concentrate on details that can be duplicated later. Here, you can see the top of the docking gangway (low greeble version) immediately below and portions of the fueling station just beyond. Since the giant fuel tanks are suspended just beneath the toroidal ring and the fueling station’s are situated barely one tier above it, it was always my intention to make the ring some part of the station’s primary fueling duties. I recently speculated that the toroidal nature of the ring could function as some type of circular particle accelerator. Maybe this could allow it to serve as an excellent facility for generating anti-matter fuel for outgoing ships during their fueling, rather than forcing the station to stockpile large quantities of it on site. It’s really just a thought; I must admit, I have no idea how such things are actually accomplished.

SSI_093aAdded some support structures and connected the blue boarder detailing from the piers to the interior docking junction.

I added some angled support structures between the pylon and ventral extension of the docking port. I’m still toying with the idea of making these interior docking ports more like the gangway from TNG’s “11001001” if only to help distinguish it from all the other “standard models.” It might only result in having some minor hints of that episode’s beautiful mock-up/matte painting effects work, but certainly lean in that direction. Also of note, I managed to continue some lines of blue detailing on the piers across the entire junction area, which just happened to coincide perfectly with the extended docking structure. I adding some red stripe detailing and other color variations to the toroid ring as well. I haven’t been able to concentrate on the fueling tower revamp yet, though I can say I have some definite ideas, and I’ll be sticking with an “Energizers” themed approach. 🙂

SSI_090cHaven’t been able to work on the fueling station’s tower, but tweaked some viewports and interior details.

SSI_091cAdded some new color detailing to the toroid ring and fixed a few smoothing errors.


~ by starstation on February 16, 2015.

2 Responses to “Moving Slow On Upgrades”

  1. It’s looking good. Though, a minor nitpick may be that the various sizes and shapes of windows looks a bit hectic. But, maybe that’s just me.

  2. Thanks. Well, as far as the different sizes and shapes of the windows looking hectic, that is not entirely unintentional.

    The vast majority of the viewports are virtually identical in shape and size to those seen on Movie Era ships like Enterprise and Reliant. That being said, this is indeed meant to be a busy space station, and there are a great many that are just enormous vista windows like some those seen on present day cruise ships or like those gigantic windows seen in Earth Spacedock in TSFS. The bigger windows tend to be for the concourse areas, dedicated observation decks and lounges and some crew designated control centers and offices.

    I have tried to space them relatively evenly and I’ve even tried to take certain aspects of the station’s underlying framework into consideration on a great many of them (though not always as successfully as I would have liked).

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