More Station…

A few more station details and angles of the newly commissioned Corsica

SSI_103A new angle of the docking.

Just a few new renders, though only one from an entirely new angle. I know how boring and blurry rehashed renders can get, so I added a new angle to concentrate on the docking of the newly registered Corsica. The other renders are just retakes to test some newly added or refined station details. I’ll be continuing to add more greebles and textures to the lower pylon soon, though I plan to keep it “Spacedock Lite” rather than “Regula Rich,” (if you know what I mean). I’ll probably go a little more nuts (and bolts) in those tighter sections under the pier structure where the pylon joins up.

I’m not too happy with the surface settings on the Corsica’s lower dome in the above shot. I actually liked its reflective properties in earlier renders of the ship, but that was against the sheer black-of-space. Now with brightly lit objects nearby and readily visible, it’s far more intense and distracting than I’d realized, so I’ll have to adjust that. Also, a little bit of geometry from the top of the fueling tower appears absent after I copy and pasted a number of features into single model layer the other day, so I’ll have to go back in and make sure it was an accident of “the move” and not some break down in the render engine software (which has been doing some quirky stuff lately by “loosing” multiple layers of loaded models after 2 or 3 renders).

SSI_090fHere’s a rehash medium distance.

It’s slow going on the newly added details, but I made some additions and refinements to the fuel tower, and I’ve started putting random cover plates along the lower pylon to help break up the blankness. I’ll have a few more greebles to apply soon, and I might even put some sort of small access bay and add a limited number of smaller viewports in the near future as well. I want to be mindful of the underlying structural framework for their placement however, like I tried to do on the piers and arches. I haven’t settled on how to texture it’s surface yet, though I’ll probably go with something less patterned than the standard aztec-rinse-repeat method.

SSI_091fA more distant perspective rehash.

The newly added raised tubules are apparent on top of the lower ring, though the specularity feature of the surface settings seem virtually invisible at this angle.

~ by starstation on March 14, 2015.

2 Responses to “More Station…”

  1. Everything is looking good. I like that angle on the Corsica. Though, I agree about the dome. You could try going into your environment settings and blurring the reflections, though that will add to you render times. Just a thought.

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