Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake…

Greebling goes on.

SSI_095cThe main gangway: Greebles form upon exterior while interior spaces form within.

I added more greebles to the new gangway over the weekend.  I especially liked its beginnings, but thought it appeared more than a tad bland compared to my other design.   So, I brought some details over from the older gangways to help better cement the two designs and spice up the mix. In keeping with the more TNG themed design elements, viewports are now visible on the gangway exterior, revealing some interior passageways, not unlike the TNG starbase version. However, I’ve yet to add the large signs and labels appropriate to the style.


SSI_099eGangway greebles readily visible here.

After adding just a few greebles to the new gangway, I was impressed with how less blank it appeared, so I thought I would try this angle-from-above again to help better reveal the details.


SSI_103aEven some underneath.

Was able to render this shot again too, after fixing that reflective “fish eye” effect I was so unhappy with on the Corsica’s lower sensor dome.  I adjusted the reflectivity settings by reducing the overall level considerably, but I also raised the reflection blur by quite a bit to help further smooth the effect.  I was concerned about increasing calculation factors and subsequent render times, but since that particular surface texture is only applied to the smallest portion of the entire model, it didn’t seem to increase render times dramatically.

Though fundamentally basic, the above angle does provide another interesting perspective of those passageways within the new gangway.


SSI_094c2Old test angle with the Corsica now in place.

Another test angle with a ship actually in place, though the ship blocks a great deal of the impetus for test rendering. ;).  This is very similar to some test shots I did a few years ago when I had first started modeling the Abbe and was just getting some of the station’s landing bay positions ironed out. Would be even more fun to revisit someday with a few of the bay doors open.


SSI_090fMedium distant view again, note the tractor mooring mounts among other new greebles.

Tipped hue of the spot lights more toward the blue end of things, and some of the added greebles under that “concourse shelf” seem to suggest the appearance of a mounted light source.  Though this was pure coincidence, I’m actually pleased with the implication and plan to leave it as such. I also added a number of those greebles I’ve officially deemed “tractor moorings.” First seen along the main pier slips on the other side, I knew they’d prove just as practical in and around the fueling tower area.


SSI_091gMost distant view: Greebles are still subtle-  Maybe windows and bays next?

I think the remainder of the pylon’s blank facing will contain those minimal number of viewports and bay openings I want.  I also want to start concentrating on just what planet this station is meant to regularly glide past.


~ by starstation on March 18, 2015.

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