Quickie Wide Perspective

Looking inward.

SSI_105eView from upper South Concourse, Pier-A, roughly facing central axis of the station.

Cloned a camera and placed it in relation to one of a string of inward facing observation ports along the South Pier’s upper concourse. Looking out from here is a view toward the central axis of the station, and a nice perspective shot of some of the other piers and arches, as well as a ship docked just a relatively short walk away.

Essentially, this was another experiment to see how difficult it would be to get the shot I wanted with the least duplication of model parts, and how hard it would be to blend those individual renders of the same rotated object while maintaining the least amount of “Photoshop Shock.”  Rotating model segments to 180 degree extremes and then rendering them to serve as backgrounds for further rotation renders, I was able to eventually come up with this.  Very similar to the shot from above the docked Corsica, this one is a bit further outlying, and allows for greater visualization of the station.  Again, this is something of an artistic cheat, since the arch visible directly behind the docked ship would in fact cast half the vessel in complete shadow.

I do love symmetry and trying to figure such things out, so this was a fun project.  I did this little edit (below) to show just where the actual observation point is in relation to the opposite side superstructure.


Basically, if you were looking into a giant mirror, you might see yourself on the opposite side there to the far left of the image.  However, if you stayed put while the entire pier/arch rotated 180 degrees around the station’s central axis (and the camera stayed put), you’d find yourself photographed quite a bit further to the right.  As for the the post render blending, I think it went well and was happy enough with the results to post the image up at the top.

This perspective was also a nice chance to look up and start figuring out what details I might want installed beneath the central hub at the top.  It’s just screaming for greebles.


~ by starstation on April 2, 2015.

2 Responses to “Quickie Wide Perspective”

  1. exactly how BIG is the station?

    • Oh… huge.

      I don’t have the exact specs on hand, as I have never measured it out fully. I basically began by building it and then making certain that it fit all the ships it was meant to serve. So while I have some specific measurements for individual doors and the the like, I’ve never run a tape measure across the entire diameter of the station.

      I’m thinking it is not nearly as wide in diameter as Earth’s giant mushroom Spacedock, it wouldn’t be dwarfed by it. However, it doesn’t even approach the overall mass or height of that structure.

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