A Peek…

Under the hood.

SSI_107The perfect place for greebles.

Finally got around to adding some greebles where the pylon meets the pier. With directed piping, large boxes, and raised panels all meant to infer heavy areas of maintenance underneath the main pier junction, there are also some glowing surfaces which I augmented with in-scene lighting. Added some structural cross beams too.


SSI_108aDocking ports and viewports added.

With that mostly done, I decided to add in some viewports and docking rings type airlocks to the large wall perpendicular to the large bay doors flanking the pylon junction. Travel pods and shuttles with docking collars will have yet more points to park over here.


SSI_106More screams for moderate detail.

Once that tight nook had some detail in place, the relatively barren underbelly of the concourse now demands something more, if only a few minor raised surface features.


SSI_104bPylon gets some maintenance doors too..

Added some large maintenance bay doors to the lower pylon section as well. Had to move some viewports to get them to fit.


SSI_094dBoth sides get their mirrored details.

In addition to the two doors on the mirrored sides of the pylon, there is another on the under portion which basically faces outward. It’s on the same level, and essentially services the same bay.



~ by starstation on April 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “A Peek…”

  1. It’s looking great. Bays are definitely important details on a build like this, the maintenance wessels need a place to dock. I like the greebles too.

    • Thanks. Yeah, bays are everywhere and a great many of them are directly connected, though there are certainly a number of stand alones.

      I love greebles, but they can be a bit of a love/hate pursuit. There are times I’m just trying to fills in those wide gaps, and other times I’m trying to be genuinely innovative with what little trinkets I put in place. In this case, almost everything is recycled from other areas, with minor adjustments to shape and scale.

      It’s hard to know when to ramp it up and when to back off, not to mention, the more greebles present the more polygons are inherently necessary, an increase of which can only lead to more voracious memory demands. Luckily, greebles at a distance are (can be) easier to cheat with more primitive shapes. 🙂

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