Just Some Docking Fun

Giving the Corsica another place to park for a bit.

SSI_109Another slip within which to nest.

Was just playing around and decided to experiment with some shots of the Corsica docked in one of the inner pier slips. Since I’ve rendered all of my other ships there (as well as a few by other modelers), I figured it was as good a time as any. And after the recent “Ponies” scene, I wanted to put Corsica in there, with the newly devised background planet for good measure. I’ve only managed to render a single decent image of the Starbase anchor planet, so I’ve been using it to death in some of these experimental shots, but the lighting angles are close enough for it to still be useful. I’ll probably kick out a few other planetary renders this weekend, so I can get more creative with the Starbase setting.


SSI_110Still powered up.

This was the first shot I did at this angle, and since it was more an experiment to test perspective aesthetics I didn’t bother altering any of the ship model’s fundamental characteristics, most notably the inescapable glow of the warp nacelles and navigational deflector. Of course, a ship bothering to hard dock would most likely be powered down in short order, making this “glow in the dock” scenario highly unlikely. Still, I liked the overall look of this one, so I pretend she’s only just arrived seconds prior to the image’s capture.


SSI_110aFinally powered down.

Here I just reached into the Corsica model and adjusted some of the surface settings to remove all luminocity or hint of UV texture on those nacelle and deflector features. The ship now looks appropriately powered down, but at a price.
A majority of the surrounding vicinity appears remarkably shadowed, and in such instances, where the ship’s natural highlights have been subdued or removed, it truly calls for some method, such as spotlights, to help make things interesting again. I’ll probably attempt such an approach this weekend with some strategically aimed, pier installed spotlights to help reenergize the Corsica’s dark under belly.


~ by starstation on April 10, 2015.

2 Responses to “Just Some Docking Fun”

  1. You are back at it!!!!!

    Didn’t know what had happened to you so it is a nice surprise to see you creating some more magic. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, long winter, but I’ve been getting a few moments of opportunity, and an idea or two to play with as spring arrives. 🙂

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