New Nooks and Crannies

Torpedo niche get’s its day as ventral details get fleshed out.


Impala_test_009c1Forward torpedo launchers find their niche.


While not the deep cutout depicted in by my reference sources, I did choose to attempt a more moderate inset that could house a decent pair of torpedo launchers and possibly still claim to contain other vital features and reasons for existing (whatever those undecided things might be).

Impala_test_005d1The underside concavity gets more of its Reliant-esque ridges and greeble details toward the aft.


Lots of little details and fixtures are being placed on the aft ventral side of the hull. Most are pure emulations of the Reliant underbelly that inspired it. The shuttlebay area is also getting more lighting and greeble details, and I added a few more instances of ship’s nomenclature as well, below the bay doors and behind the saucer’s lower sensor dome.

Impala_test_011c1Shuttlebay area gains a few new lighting features and greeble details too.


I also made some minor changes to the bridge section by remodeling the aft end where the docking ring rests.  Oh. and I added another instance of the ship’s registry behind the VIP lounge area.

Impala_test_004f1Pylons are now larger as are the heavy phasers mounted up top.


I enlarged the nacelle pylons for several reasons, but primarily because I thought the heavy phasers mounted atop were a little dinky compared to the Reliant cannons they were partially modeled after. They also looked considerably more narrow than the original schematics or kitbash models I was referencing (though I didn’t necessarily want them quite as thick as those source materials presented them either). Merely increasing the gun components to nearly twice their original size, then widening the pylon structure to fit, managed to bring everything into balance for me. Aside from some minor re-proportioning, it was a fairly easy procedure.

Impala_test_012a1Nacelle pylon connection with one “hump” removed. An unfortunate must, but I miss my greebles.


Once the pylons grew wider however, I was forced to remove one of the “humps” in the upper nacelles. An artifact from my Abbe class nacelle customizations, this is actually better in keeping with my reference sources, which actually have no such hump there. I will say, I miss the minor greeble panels that were on the hump itself, as they added a nice bit of detail to that connection zone. I’m thinking I may go back and modify the individual panels, affixing them to the base of the actual pylon in order to get some of that essence back.

Here are some more angles of the forward torpedo section, as well as a few (and the last) “pre-recess” angles of the latest upgrades.









~ by starstation on June 10, 2015.

2 Responses to “New Nooks and Crannies”

  1. The beefed up pylons are really nice. I think the Reliant’s pylons are too spindly looking, yours look better. I’m also liking the details on the aft section of the hull. I’m not, however, a fan of the torpedo cutout. But, that’s just me. 😉

    • Thanks. Yeah, I’ve always thought the Reliant’s pylons looked a bit lanky, even in comparison to the Enterprise, whose pylons were far longer and more narrow. Then again that might have been exactly why hers looked that way: Enterprise needed better reinforcement to take on those nacelles at a more extreme distance. Still, Enterprise’s pylons had that slight central bulge that gave the impression there were important things going on inside, while Reliant’s looked more like cardboard tail fins. If I ever finish my Miranda class, I’ll probably arbitrarily beef those pylons up a tad too (but nothing over the top, of course 😉 ).

      As for the torpedo cutout? Hmmm… meh. Both the original drawing and the scale model took it much further. And while I wanted to stay somewhat faithful to those two inspirations, I really just wanted to do my own take on that feature. It might have to grow on me as well, and I still have an unhampered version if things just don’t “work out” (the beauty of pre-nups). Still, I think it definitely helps distinguish her more, which might be useful in distance shots.

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