Getting Cushy

Detailing begins in earnest.

tmp_oq_002c1Cushions and panel details moving ahead.

I began adding some details to the structures this weekend and kept on through a special day off from work yesterday. I started with the cushions for the main berth and moved on to some early panel work. I’ll state up front that I am not good at modeling organics (damn carbon-units), and cushions are certainly not my forté. Still, I must admit I am liking this first attempt at the cushions in the bunk area.. They are currently orange, but then that’s what they were in TMP. I’ll eventually be making variations in color though, once I can get a better handle on subpatch modeling; I need to get my cushion seams a little more “seamly.”

tmp_oq_009aThe Cove: Starting off with the TWOK structural trusses.

Despite beginning with TMP foundations, I chose to start off the cove area utilizing those support trusses seen from TWOK onward, in lieu of the giant “light box” observed in the first film. This was primarily due to how easy it will probably be to just throw that TMP construct together at a later date, and because honestly… I wasn’t all that fond of it by comparison. In addition to the raised surface geometry I modeled for the trusses this weekend, I made some alterations to their individual widths (in terms of thickness), as well as their overall placement and elevation within the cove.

Though there is no canon basis for my choice of the cove’s current panel color, I went with this slightly darker hue for mostly contrast purposes. Eventually, I’ll have even more fun with the fabric (or was it carpet?) lined wall panels popular from TWOK through to early TNG. 😉

After installing the large view screen on the cove’s back wall, I felt compelled to include some graphic imagery upon its surface. However, I didn’t want to just drop everything and jump into 2D graphics creation for a day. Instead, I went with something I had on hand rather than derail my modeling groove. Seen in the very top image, the symbol displayed on the viewer is (I think) the division symbol for security from TMP, so I figured it would be a reasonable pop-in graphic for the moment.

tmp_oq_004aClassy Glassy: The sliding compartment dividers in place.

Whether intended to be composed of glass, plastic, or transparent aluminum, I inserted those tinted, sliding, compartment dividers into their respective pockets. This is one of my favorite features from any of those movie sets.

tmp_oq_005dI like to think sonic showers are comforting beyond the standard lather, rinse, repeat.

My next favorite feature of the officer’s quarters is the sonic shower area. It’s probably the result of the glowing color choices used in TMP, as well as the concept of some small rounded restroom facility complete with all the most important features compacted into that space. That and the frosty glass doors. I love frosty glass.

tmp_oq_007bView from the berth, looking back towards the cove. Overhead lighting gets better texturing.

I also chose to concentrate a little time on texturing the overhead lighting areas, to give them a bit more three dimensional significance. As enamored as I am with the idea of ultra thin lighting surfaces eventually replacing space wasting lighting equipment, it still looks a little cheesy as flat boring planes.

tmp_oq_008a1View from the bunk. Both the shower door and outer door to the head are seen opened here.

I don’t remember seeing the outer doors of the head before TNG’s “The Naked Now” but a number of floor plans seem to indicate it was at least part of the original design concept from as far back as the unrealized The Next Phase. I’ve chosen to include both an inner door for the sonic shower installation, considering it was actually seen in TMP, and an outer door to close off the head facility as a whole.

tmp_oq_008a2Here, the outer door is closed.


~ by starstation on September 30, 2015.

9 Responses to “Getting Cushy”

  1. Looking great. I like the TMP color scheme the best. Beiges and grays with bold splashes of color. I thought the more muted beiges and grays for everything that they seemed to do from TWOK onward just wasn’t as nice. Though, ironically, the uniforms got more color in TWOK. So, I guess you either get muted colors in your uniforms or sets, you can’t have bold colors on both, like they did with TOS/TAS.

    • I’m kinda pulled both ways myself. There are certain things I’ve always thought the later movies certainly improved upon (costumes for sure), while still noticing many things that changed rather unnecessarily, just for the “sake of change” in general. That doesn’t automatically include the reuse of sets for practicality and plot devices however, as I’ve always had a special appreciation for that type of creativity. These days, I usually have to stand back and look at everything as a whole and cherry pick those things that appeal to me most.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, subdivision (subpatch) modeling is an art form all its own. I’ve been working on it too lately, and it can be a real pain sometimes. But, it’s also the only way to get certain shapes.

    • Heh… Quite honestly, I’ve always hated it because it was so utterly confusing to look at. All those little dotted lines and things that appear when you activate it.

      While recently looking up some tutorials however, I JUST learned that you can deactivate those “cages” and “guides” in modeler. The very reason I have been ignoring the procedure on all but the most primitive features in the past. 🙂

  3. All of it looks really amazing!
    The screen that was behind Kirk in TMP, always reminded me of a stained glass window.
    I’m really curious about what you will put up as a decoration on the bed shelf everything. A bottle of Saurian brandy should not be ignored and perhaps a TOS Constitution-class model. And in front of the wardrobe, should a uniform hang on a hanger.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, I can imagine stained glass windows, though that particular view screen has always reminded me of the bus from the Partridge Family, painted in the “Mondrian style” (albeit with more muted 70’s colors). 🙂

      Not sure about any specific decor just yet, but I was thinking of putting up a nice decanter of Romulan Ale and those cool drinking glasses from TSFS (the ones Taco Bell tried to copy during the movie’s promotional period 😀 ). I need a lot more furnishings before I go all über detail though. There is a well documented desk and a boxy corner table that was visible in all of the first three movies, as well as several variations on tables and chairs.

      I don’t actually have any modeled uniforms, and to be honest, I don’t even have a clue where the wardrobe is! Plus, I’m not really one for hanging my clothes out in the open for prolonged periods (though that doesn’t stop them from hitting the floor for a day or two when I’m busy 😉 ).

  4. Love your interiors and glad you’re tackling something that’s been given little to no attention – will be looking forward to seeing more.

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