Changes, Both Subtle & Gross…

A “Cove” wall gets minor overhaul.

tmp_oq_009dCove’s curved walls are not so similar after all.

Been working this thing like a puzzle, with tons of pictures, but with very few plans with any meaningful measurements. It seems every time I put in some new panel detailing, I find how horribly off course I am with some fundamental element of the overall design. I knew this would happen going in, but it got to be fairly frustrating when I started those panel details surrounding the nook-like opening in the compartment divider between the berth and the cove’s desk area. They were way off kilter, even for someone who’s just “eyeing it.” The more I looked at my reference images however, the more I realized just how distinct these walls of concavity were from one another than any mere measure of length. The deep curvatures evident in their upright geometries weren’t simply mirror images of one another; Rather, each had its own unique properties. The longer wall, which was featured far more in the original crew films, seems to bow remarkably evenly from its beginnings on the floor until its final “crest” at the top, where the entire wall reverts to a flat vertical surface. The shorter length wall on the other hand, which garnered far more television screen time after its renovations for TNG (including a rather significant extension), tends to curve upward much more steeply at its base, and continues to arch over more significantly before its own final upper break.

tmp_oq_010cBerth panel detailing as well as a few other adjustments.

Essentially this meant I had to remodel that shorter wall. In addition to that I had to heighten them both, as well as raise (and shorten) the three trusses. Some new set plan images that were just brought to my attention indicate I’m on the right track, but will need some more “finessing.”


tmp_oq_012View from inside shower opening. Looking forward to getting entry alcove’s wall mechanics in place.

I also managed to shorten the upper height of the main berth’s shelf, and add the panel details to its side of the compartment divider. Of course, all this meant I didn’t have time to spare for adding any really new details, like the mechanical boxes and paneling that book end both extremes of the entryway alcove, but I look forward to diving into that this weekend (if I’m conscious πŸ˜‰ ).


~ by starstation on October 14, 2015.

3 Responses to “Changes, Both Subtle & Gross…”

  1. Looking fantastic. The difference in the wall curvature sounds like a huge pill.

    • Indeed it is. One among many, if I am correctly interpreting a metaphor (not my strong suit).

      I suspected as much early on when I began the original shapes, but I chalked a lot of it up to the screen caps, as a culmination of poor line-of-sight issues and possible lens distortions due to the variable filming techniques utilized over the years. So, my first version was literally just a mirror-image duplication of the main cove wall (the longer one), trimmed and cut down to size in order to appear as its opposite.

      But the more I scoured over those movie and TV images the harder it was to deny. My panel detailing attempt confirmed it as a conflicting issue, so I began alteration attempts early this week.

      Those little scanned TUC set plans Donny linked me to last night in the previous post (thank you again!!!) clinched it! They are SO not the same shape. πŸ™‚

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