Cove’s Comm Console

Plus new wall mechanics for the foyer.

tmp_oq_015bThe glowing comm console.

Brain fried. Not many words to spew, but I managed to model a new communications console as seen in TMP and TWOK. Also got the entry foyer’s mechanical wall panels in place. This was fun, and I’m looking forward to trying the TWOK communications setup which fits in where the TMP view screen is currently located, but again… my brain is officially fried from this weekend.

tmp_oq_014Earlier render, with brighter settings all around. “Control wedgies” are harder to detect.

The TWOK version had a two toned paint job, which I pursued here since all beige can get boring really fast. In order to relocate the console for the TWOK production, it was necessary to incorporate another similarly curved wall (albeit much shorter) perpendicular to the two main walls. This was probably to accommodate the console’s support struts which are shaped to fit and mount to such a base.

tmp_oq_013Working on the glass textures and luminosity settings.

Having a little difficulty getting the clear, yet colorful settings of the large control wedgies on the console. Here they look a little more invisible than desired, but I’ve since rounded the outer edges and have begun testing some various glass/plastic surface presets.

tmp_oq_007e1A darker berth rendering.

Completely turned off the berth’s overhead lighting. Still need to remodel its more accurately narrow light strips. The comm console is visible in the background cove, and a new surface mounted control panel can be seen glowing next to the bunk cushions. I’ve even added a new drinking tumbler just above that on the shelf, though I probably should have put it under the brighter light of the nook area… Maybe next time. Somewhere between the Old Fashioned rocks and Collins tumblers (maybe a Highball?), it’s my attempt to recreate several drinking glasses originally seen in TSFS. I’m no big drinker, but I do love that glassware featured in the film. I might try and recreate the TWOK Romulan Ale decanter next.

tmp_oq_012aThe more complex wall detailing, possibly part of the ventilation systems.

Got those more detailed end wall mechanics in the foyer modeled and set in place. The one furthest from the primary doorway appears to be the most detailed with a large set of vents built into an angled outcropping, which definitely implies some heavy utilitarian function.

tmp_oq_012dDarker version after I’d added the cove’s console.


tmp_oq_011bPanels by the main entry door reveal slightly fewer details.

The panel detailing near the main entry’s doorway seems less obtrusive, which makes sense given how tight a corner into which said door frame has been squeezed.

tmp_oq_014aFirst attempt to dim surrounding lights, but some glow and diffuse settings were still a little under par.


tmp_oq_007dEarlier brighter shot from the bunk, which made me aware of some uncorrected errors after the shelf adjustments.

I also bothered to change the shiny reflective settings along the edges of the smokey glass room dividers to something less shiny, and then added some soft “bumper” seals down along their full lengths.

~ by starstation on October 19, 2015.

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