On To Something…

Control wedgies’ surface settings get their workout.

Console_007Working with color filtration to get the colorful transparency I seek.

Using the Surface Preset panel, I started sampling various transparent surfaces in an attempt to get better results for the colorful crystalline wedges staggered across the lighted control surface. I’m making progress, but haven’t had a lot of time to devote to it.

tmp_oq_009e1They look really great in the side shots.

I decided to take one of the wedgies and apply a preset glass surface, tweaking the color and transparency to my liking. I made the 2nd blue wedgie from the left my sacrificial test subject! The preloaded settings were interestingly varied even when categorized under the same heading for glass.

tmp_oq_015c2Latest update, trying to balance transparency, color saturation and glossy/reflectivity.

Eventually, I had to load the entire console into its own devoted Layout scene, in order to test render those transparency and color settings with greater frequency. Below is just a train of those experimental attempts.

Console_001Experiment 1: Jello looks more solid than these phantom wedgies.

Although I liked the overall color effects here, the wedgies appear more as ghostly apparitions than clear solids. Also, the lighted backing was glowing a blistering bright white despite the fact that I’d mapped a UV image onto it, specifically meant to imbue it with a mild gradient, making it bluer and dimmer toward the outer edges. I chose to reduce its diffuse levels a few points, which had some positive results.

Console_002Exp 2: Background was looking better but wedgies went dull by comparison.

Unfortunately, dimming the background drastically dulled the wedges, since they have no self luminosity. Their paleness also remained an issue. When I compared the test subject’s settings to all the others’ surfaces however (which only differed individually in hue), I was reminded how useful the Advanced tab could be when I saw its color filter set to 100.

Console_003Exp 3: Finally began experimenting with the color filter. Effect was powerful but far more drastic than intended.

The color filter had instant results, but 100 was a tad high. I also made use of the Fast Fresnel shader, which is very useful but still leaves me a little confused as to who is doing what, but I can always retreat to my manuals and tutorials if need be.

Console_004Exp 4: Tweaking the Fast Fresnel settings too. Improvements, but still dull.


Console_005Exp 5: A rise in color richness, but time to reign it in some.


Console_006Exp 6: Brightened up the blocky border area. Everything needs a “shinier” quality.


Console_007Exp 7: Heightening some specular and reflective qualities. This is identical to the shot at the very top.


~ by starstation on October 22, 2015.

2 Responses to “On To Something…”

  1. Looks like you’re making great progress so far. Have always been curious though what those controls did/how they worked………

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve always been a little curious how they function as well. In TWOK, Kirk makes light contact with one in order to respond to Saavik, who is calling from the bridge to announce Reliant’s curious arrival. He only touches its base at its lowest incline, but does hold his hand in that position during the entire exchange.

      There are a number of labels across the control board’s surface, but I haven’t been able to decipher much from screen caps alone. The “orange rainbow” at the far left has compact designations or symbols at the top of each of its eight “swatches” (possibly letters or numbers enclosed in a circle). The individual wedges seem to have a double line labeling on the glowing board’s surface, centered above or below them depending on their staggered placement across the length of the board. Smaller text words form the first lines, which are followed beneath by considerably larger characters of significantly less text; They appear to be short designations of approximately two characters comprised of either numbers, letters or some combination thereof.

      The clearest screen shot I’ve ever seen of those markings is from TMP: when Kirk and McCoy are drinking (presumably coffee) at the table in his quarters, while they observe via view screen, Decker giving Ilia-Probe the ship’s tour.

      Curiously, the Reliant has some remotely similar wedgies on two of its own consoles: Those two stations flanking the single turboshaft exit (both of which were crafted specifically to help distinguish Reliant from Enterprise and to blow up dramatically without damaging any permanent sets). They are both stand up stations, with 6 wedges per control console, arranged symmetrically in a rounded arc. They appear a darker orange hue, but are unlit, so it’s uncertain from screen shots whether they are transparent, translucent, or completely opaque. 🙂 (I wanna do those sometime too. 😉 )

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