Clear or Foggy?

To blur or not to blur…

Console_011Cloudier versions, attempting to emulate TMP.

After comparing more screen shots this weekend, I noticed that the wedges in the first film don’t exactly match those in seen in the second. Not only are the colors altered and switched around in their order, but the thick Lucite type plastic that they are presumably crafted from, appears to have a more cloudy translucent quality in TMP than the more crystalline clear versions seen in TWOK. Also, in terms of color switches between films, TMP had up to 3 of each color visible: blue, orange, yellow, and a nearly clear off white (though in many shots there are 4 yellows and only 2 clear whites), whereas there were no less than 5 blue wedges occupying spaces in TWOK. The entire set of 12 wedges are never completely revealed in TWOK, except from one nearly side on angle, where they seem remarkably transparent, making it far more difficult to determine their individual hues.


Console_013An only vaguely apparent blur, more akin to to TWOK.

I added a touch of diffraction blurring to test out the differences. It added a considerable time to render, but the effects were promising. Luckily, given the movie variations, it’s not an imperative. I also decided to go back and remodel the wedgies, giving them slightly larger curvatures along their edging (though at my rendering distances, it’s hardly noticeable at all. I did however, choose to remodel the maze like border they rest within, in order to provide slightly more depth to those wells of light which illuminate the wedges. Oh, and I eventually fixed the UV map on the station panel’s background glow, rotating it 90 degrees for a better fit.



This is my final render for a few weeks. After 3 days running around and enjoying Manhattan and Brooklyn (and my first Halloween in New York… Wow…), sailing out tommorrow for a nice long cruise. 😀


~ by starstation on November 1, 2015.

2 Responses to “Clear or Foggy?”

  1. I feel your pain. Unreal Engine 4 isn’t the best (yet) at rendering believable transparent materials. I went through similar troubles when texturing the lucite protrusions in Doctor McCoy’s office desk computer thingy.

  2. *translucent

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