About Me

Where to begin…

I am Basill.  I love genre science fiction, architecture and engineering, science and astronomy, philosophy and history…

Naturally, a jack of all trades is master of none.  So, I work in a library.  😀

Star Trek and Star Wars co-rule my sci-fi monarchy, with several other powerful franchise dukes and lords influencing my mood throughout the year (and a queen or two).

This page is in the experimental phases currently,  as I learn what features this media has to offer and how to best display my work.

My work is all hobby, and mostly concentrated on my love of Star Trek, and I will probably stick to that theme for this particular blog.

I enjoy the arts and graphics of 2D and 3D CGI, and as I employ them I will display my work here.  I have lots to display old and new, so I will be loading some up on this site as time progresses.

Peace and long life,


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  1. Hello Basill!
    I just discovered your blog with these fantastic renderings.
    I would be happy If we could exchange some emails since I would love to include work of yours in a serious fan film production I am doing.Keep up your fantastic work!Stephan

    • Hey Stephan,

      Thanks for the comments! 😀 What kind of fan film are you working on? What era does it take place in. Most of my work is in the Early motion picture era.

      I’ve seen a few really good fan film endeavors in the past few years, and I bet they can be a lot of fun.


  2. This site is phenomenal! Just spent a ton of time going through everything and am still blown away by what I’ve seen! Great work sir!

    Do you have any more TMP interiors? Recreation Deck, Sick Bay etc.???

    • Thanks! Not sure how many interiors I haven’t displayed yet. Have I posted my Bridge work? Not sure at the moment. Currently I don’t have any Sickbay interiors as I’ve just never gotten around to that yet. I’ve had the Recreation Deck bug for a while now and just recently seriously began considering plans for one on the Phobos based closely on the TMP set, as well as one for the Miranda, based on the floor plans I’ve been referencing for that ship (though maybe a little smaller.)

      I tend to start by building individual elements and then throw them together in a more set like fashion. A faithful TMP recreation deck would be easier once I had dabbled in one for the Phobos that didn’t have to be so exacting which would could also conform to the ship’s actual hull lines rather than forcing one into such a confined space that it could never actually exist in. A faithful TMP recreation would be such a set, though that won’t stop me from building it eventually.

      I’ll probably try to get more done on my transporter room before I even start on anything like a sickbay, and there are of course tons of other incomplete interiors waiting in the wings as well. But if the bug bites me, I have no choice. ;D

  3. Hi Basill,
    First, I must compliment you on your attention to detail and clear talent with all your work. Second, THANK YOU for bringing to life the ships and places we love and long to see more of. Please, please post more of your work! I would love to eventually see a whole collection of “walkthroughs” (stem to stern)for the Akyazi and Loknar class ships as well as more “beauty” shots. I think you should even consider publishing them in a Tome for all of Star Trek fandom!! (I for one would buy a few copies)
    Keep up the wonderful work!

    • Thanks so much. I love details. It is a blessing and a curse. 😉
      Stem to stern sounds like quite a project, but even if it takes me 40 years, who knows I might actually do it someday! I’ve done a lot more than I ever thought I would, and all because I just love doing it.

  4. Thank you for writing so precisely about one of the very best ques in any Star Trek score, the “Rigel” landscape version of “Vena’s theme”: You wrote: “…taken from the scene where Captain Pike first appears on Rigel, this version has a drum that mimics a heart beat and has a psychic trance like twinkle or ripple filling the background while a siren like lady wails away the notes of the melody. It would be played for happy spore trances (This Side of Paradise,) telepathic mind control (Return of the Archons,) psychic and voodoo riturals (Wolf in the Fold- A Private Little War,) and others I probably can’t recall. It is one of the best tingly experiences in all of Trek…”

    Have you ever found a recording of this version, and if so where? Can you let me know? I would love to find one. For some reason I don’t find it on the “Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before” soundtrack CD, and that was a terrible omission. Thanks very much.

    • Alas, I have never found that track on any available Soundtrack, CD or otherwise. Hopefully, someday, someone will see fit to put more of the original music out again.

  5. Hello there Basill.
    I am a Concept artist and matte painter for a Star wars Fan edit in Episode III by Bob Garcia. I was impressed by the Alderaan City you ve made and i was wondering if you can help us doing your part 🙂
    for more info you may look here:

    I hope we can discuss this in depth if you wish

    take care


  6. Hi Basil,
    your jobs looks great!!! I’m working on an home made music clip, ed I need some location as in your job.
    Cause of the cartoon look a like style I’d need to use some filters on your graphics.
    Let me know if I can the images I find on thi blog and if I can use filters for my purpose.

    Thank you very much.

  7. Hi there, im making a film and in need of someone who can make sets and 3d models, only 2 ships an evil vilian and a hero called valentine, we are shooting at the moment.

    If you are interested I can get you more details. As this is a low budget film, i’d still be willing to pay something towards your help. Don’t know wether you can do it but im also after the ships flying through space and one exploding. There is only 2 3d model ships and 4 backgrounds i.e. corriders im in need of.

    Hope to hear from you nigel.
    Where are you from?

  8. Hey I stumbled on your Daily Planet/Metropolis rendering and I was wondering if I could use it for a background for a Superman picture I drew? I’d definitely credit you for the background and the artwork would go on my Deviant Art page.


    Thank you


  9. Hi there.

    Have just seen your rendering of the Northampton class. The work a amazing. The Starship Obready club has used the Northampton class as the main ship in our fleet. And the ship itself is used to represent the club here in the Eastern Townsips (Canada). Would love to use your renderings with the understanding the a link to your site would be in effect to get any and all information on your work. This with your approval of course.

    Thank you.

    Admiral Robert G Kelley.

    • Your welcome to it, though I have to warn it’s still a work in progress with a long way to go. 😉

  10. Hi, Basil

    First off, I’d like to say I’m a big fan of your work. I myself have been building Trek interiors (mostly TOS and movie-era) for years on an assortment of gaming engines. I still work with the aging Quake III engine (more specifically, the Quake III engine game titled Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force). I’ve never tried my hand at professional CG programs like Lightwave (never could afford them), but I prefer gaming engines anyway because they allow you to actually walk around what you’ve built, and, with the right programming, allow you to interact with the ship and crew. The only downside is that you have to keep your poly-count low before framerate starts to suffer.

    Right now I’m working on a number of projects. A “Virtual” TOS Enterprise, Virtual Enterprise D, and more recently I began work on a Virtual TMP Enterprise. Your renders I have been using as reference, as well as the screencaps available at Trekcore.com, plus Mr. Scott’s Guide To The Enterprise book, as well as the Phase II manual with all the bridge station panel layouts. I haven’t gotten enough done on the TMP Enterprise to provide screenshots, but if you’d like to look at my work on the TOS-E and the Ent-D, you can go to the following links:


    Right now I’m working on the transporter room of the TMP Enterprise, and like you once did, I’m having trouble developing a 2D texture to use for the wall panel behind the control console. Would you be so kind to give any advice on creating this panel? The gaming engine I use doesn’t allow too many polygons before framerate starts to suffer, so I can render it in 3D…I’ll have to use a 2D texture. Or, even better, if you could provide a 2D texture for me to use? Any help would be appreciated. And, of course, when my finished project is released, if ever, I will acknowledge your help.

    Love your work. I’ve been keeping up with it for a few years now. Movie-era Trek is my favorite era, but the lack of solid reference material makes it difficult compared to the plethora of screenies we all have available from all the series.

    • Sorry, the above sentence “The gaming engine I use doesn’t allow too many polygons before framerate starts to suffer, so I can render it in 3D…” should read “can’t render it in 3D”

    • Thanks. I was familiar with your virtual TOS Enterprise on the Trek BBS, but I hadn’t seen your Ent-D yet. Very impressive! (both) 🙂 I’ve seen some other mods for VOY: Elite Force; There’s a Starbase 11 mod that’s really cool and partially inspiring my current project. Though I’ve never played it, I can understand the desire for interactivity. The motion of interactivity, together with texture alone, can often compensate for any lack of detail, in terms of pure poly count. Recognizing the value of texture seems to be one of your strengths as well (currently my weakness, thus my more static methods 😉 ).

      That wall panel in the transporter room is pretty much all texture though, since it is a completely flat surface, textured with a self-illuminated image, with another 2D surface in front, textured with a grid pattern (with all the right settings for bump, spec, transparency, transluscency, etc…)to help break up the image with reflection and transluscence. I tried it with a 3D grid in front, but it simply took too long to render, so I went with that cheat instead. It may not look too fantastic up close, but it served my purposes at the time.

      I’ll see if I can whip something up though, that could be simplified even further for a single surface texturing. 😀

      • I used one of your old shots posted on this blog (as long as you don’t mind!) of the transporter panel texture and placed a transparent studded grid layer over it and came up with this:


        It’s not perfect, but I think it will do for my purposes.

        Anyway, I only have a few strings of corridor and the transporter room so far. If you’re interested, here’s some screenies:




        I got lucky and found a hi-def screen capture of the pipes and such on the transporter room floor, so I was able to actually render a model of those to place on the floor. I used a shot from TWOK when Kirk was walking out of the Bridge Simulator to meet Spock at Starfleet Academy as reference. The pipes behind Kirk seem to be the same on the transporter room floor, so I made a small section of them and then duplicated them across the floor. After looking at your shots of the transporter room, it seems you perhaps did the same thing!

        I originally modeled the panels on the walls of the transporter room, but I had to make them simple 2D textures instead. Frame rate was lagging too much already due to the floor machinery models.

        Lighting in the corridors I can’t seem to get perfect…I think it might be too dark. I still haven’t decided if I’m going for the brighter, cleaner TMP color scheme, or the darker, more hard-edged TWOK scheme. Maybe a mix between the two.

      • Well, color me impressed. 🙂

        Yeah, those pipe placements were scattered all over the place for the first four films, and I fell in love with them. I loved that I could build one and then duplicate it as needed. They would often put them next to each other rotating them 180 degrees in alternating patterns. I thought I’d done a blog on the phenomenon some years ago, but I can’t find it now. Wishful thinking I guess. They were apparently some sort of cast structure that was easily reproduced in a solid form and placed anywhere there was a need for greebles. They even showed up in TNG in a few places. 😀

        Really awesome stuff you’ve done there, and totally the right idea with that grid-over-pattern method. But I have to point out, the graphic I’d posted on the blog ended up not being the one I used. It was an early version that I blurred thinking that was the effect. I tried playing with it today and realized, yuck, that wasn’t the final version I used. I’ll post that final version and some full renders I did for you today. They are free to use and might come in handy. 😀

        Again, awesome work in all eras.

  11. I LOVE the Movie era, the look of the ships, the movies of that time, the uniforms, all of it. It is my favorite of the Star Trek Eras. You have done some amazing work here!

  12. Hi there. Awesome work! Are you interested in creating some art for an independent sci-fi film?

    • Thanks so much. I’d be willing to consider anything, but I have to admit that I don’t have a great deal of time to offer currently. But if I can help, I’d be delighted. Feel free to drop me your thoughts.

  13. Thanks a lot Basill for your wonderful works !
    I will use them in my Star Trek fanfilm and will let you know when it’s done !

    A big thank you !

  14. I’ll make sure to have your name and website in the credits! Thank you you saved my sickbay scenes !!!

  15. Hey again, Basil! Not sure if you remember, but I requested your texture of the transporter room booth panel a year ago or so. Just letting you know I’ve moved on to the Unreal3 engine, and have started a Refit Enterprise project using the aforementioned gaming engine. If you’d like to follow my progress, you can check it out at:


    I want to say again, great work and it’s definitely an inspiration! I’ve included a link to this blog on my page!

  16. Your work is stunning! TMP remains one of my favorite movies, because of the refit Enterprise. The vessel is given unprecedented and nearly exclusive screen time, complete with close ups, leaving no doubt that the ship is to be considered a character, not just a setting. I’ve seen the numerous websites of “blueprints”, but your work is beautiful as well as achingly accurate. It reminds me the first time I thumbed through Franz Joseph’s technical manual (and who could forget that feeling???)

    Out of curiosity, have you considered consulting the novelization of the movie script as source material? It occurs to me that the authors would have had access to early drafts of the script, production stills, set blueprints, and perhaps to the production designers themselves. On the other hand, I realize that artistic license on the author’s part may have undermined some of the descriptive accuracy in the novels. It’s also possible that accuracy was secondary or tertiary, given that novel adaptations of films were released shortly before the film was released. The novels happened to be sitting on my desk when I found your site, so I thought I’d at least pass the thought along.

    • Thanks so much for your comments! I too consider the Enterprise more than a mere setting, and I am just as inspired by the many technical “blueprint” publications and internet sites out there that have been made available throughout the years.

      I’ve read the film novelizations myself, but I have to say it’s been some years now for any of them. I don’t personally recall any particular technical detail from the books (stand-out and pertinant to the story anyway) that I don’t remember seeing on screen. It’s been so long, I barely recall any of the expository information relating to characters or story that managed to get fleshed out in those novels. I’ll probably reread them eventually though. Most of my references have been directly from on-screen evidence or those many inspirational technical sources, both officially sanctioned works and some high quality amateur art.

  17. Hi there! I’m part of a Star Trek rpg (building in progress, but we’ll soon be up and running) and I was wondering if you’d mind if we used one of your images for the site. We would credit you, of course. Also your renders are AMAZING (as so many have said before me!). My friend and I looked at it and we thought they were real! Crazy. Great job 🙂

  18. Hey Basil,

    Loved your work on the Daily Planet! We are looking for assistance in our 3D Superman Fan Film. I have included a link to our website. Feel free to contact us at our email address if you are interested. Thanks!

  19. http://wolfsshipyards.freeforums.net/index.cgi

    Wanna join?

  20. great work, do you have anything for the sovereign class on the search needing somethings for my fan film

  21. Just realized the link to the website didn’t show up. You can check it out here: http://littlegrimanimations.com/supermanorigins/

    Let us know if you have time to help.

  22. Hi Basill,
    My son was born last December and I named him Kirk. I am doing his room like it is the Enterprise bridge using wall decals from http://www.ltlprints.com/ If you ever get a chance (I know busy busy busy) I was wondering if you’d be willing to render out a view of your TMP/TWOK bridge from the Captain’s viewpoint looking at the viewer I would be SOOOOO thankful. There are no images of the bridge from that angle that are as high resolution and beautiful as yours, and since I want to print it out as a huge wall decal, that is the most important thing. The lighting from the TWOK bridge was absolutely perfect and really sets the mood nicely. Thank you for your work on that virtual set and Live Long and Prosper.


    • Well, thanks so much for considering my work. I have to say, I’d be more than willing to render a view from that angle ,but unfortunately, the only reason I haven’t done that perspective already is the total lack of the final station module (weapons and defense), just to the left of the view port. With my limited amount of time and it being the most complex of the bridge stations (in my opinion), it could be a while before I could complete it in any “whole and complete” form (I could easily put in some sort of temporary stand-in station if that would be sufficient). However, I’ll see what I can do.

  23. I’ve got an idea. Maybe you could render the view FROM the viewscreen looking towards the back of the bridge at the captain’s chair along with the helm and navigation stations in front of it. I was thinking with a little bit of wide angle. If you sent me a wireframe of that view I’d be happy to crop it to the area I have in mind. Thanks a ton for considering this. My email is troyadam at gmail.com

    • Sounds like a plan. 🙂

      • just so you don’t have to communicate through wordpress, my mail address is troyadam at gmail.com. I was curious as to why you prefer the science station behind the captain (TMP) vs. having it be to the captain’s right (TWOK).

  24. Basill:
    I would be very interested in discussing a project that I am working on with you that concerns (of course) S T A R T R E K. I too have been an avid fan for more years than I can count. I am a Software Engineer by trade, however share you enthusiam with architecture, science and graphics. Please find me at http://martianinstarfleet.wordpress.com/ and we can discuss the project to which I speak.

    BTW, Great stuff here! And I haven’t even begun to review the 3D Art… 🙂

  25. Basill:
    Do you take on sci fi commissions other than Star Trek? Im working on a project that is tangentially related to ST and you’re beautifully rendered work (and those of some of your blogging buddies) is exactly what I’m looking for. Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail: larry@arborbooks.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

  26. Hello Basill, my name is Víctor Merlin, from Spain. We are teachers, and we are making a non commercial purposes film in cinema classes, in a school with kids from 4 to 10 years old. We want to use some of your backgrounds. Is that possible?
    We include your name in credits, of course and you can see the movie in a school web page.


  27. Hey Basill,
    I love your work and have subscribed to this blog.

    I would like to request if you could do a bird’s eye of your star trek colony and I’d love to see more of SS India. Both are awesome!

    About your colony, it would be awesome to see some of the vehicles used in ST New Worlds in the images you have.


    • I might be able to get back to the colony and SSI fairly soon (since it is my intention to connect them thematically as a single Starbase), but I’m am determined to stick with the scout ship Strider for now until I feel it is far enough along. I’m pretty rusty in my already limited “surface render” experiences, but I’ll try and get something in the near future. I’ve started a new job that is sort of taking up a lot of my spare time.

      • I look forward to it Basill.
        It sucks I can’t get New Worlds to work anymore since I saw your colony it made me want to play it again.

        It was an awesome game and I wish a game company would remake it someday. Along with a few other Star Trek games with what they have available today…

        Keep up the great work mate!
        Hope the new job is going well.

  28. Hi there :

    You probably don’t remember me. I’m Bruno Signori (aka ADM Robert G Kelley) from the STASHIP OBREADY star trek club here in the eastern townships(Canada).

    Your renderings of the Northampton Class was so usefull in giving life to the Obready. It gave this club a great visibility during great fund raising events.

    I was wondering if you could produce more. It would be very usefull to us here in Canada.

    Thank you for your quick reply.


    • I remember. 😀 I’m glad my renders were of use to you. I’d love to help out, but I am currently working (training) on a new job and the Northampton class is way on the backburner. I will return to it someday. I may even rebuild it from scratch with all I’m learning on my latest ship construction, but unfortunately, it is not high on my priorities at present.

  29. Hello there, I found your blog while I was doing a research on the internet on the Daily Planet building.
    I’m a CGI french student, and I’m workking on a Superman fan-made movie and for one of my assignment, I have to do a matte painting of the Daily Planet.
    It may sound weird or so, but I would like to know if you have more pictures of your own Daily Planet I could use, because it’s perfect? Other angles of shot, that look like this pictures http://pics.livejournal.com/tarrantry/pic/004z2drc?

    Thank You for your reply,


    • Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, those posted images of the Daily Planet and surrounding buildings are all I’ve ever rendered. However, you are welcome to use any of those images in any way you wish if they could assist you.

  30. Hi, I’m a huge fan of the Enterprise bridge design from The Wrath of Khan, much like the one you’re currently working on. I was wondering if you’ve seen these amazing renders done by Benjamin Litteer, maybe they’ll be useful.


    Unfortunately he had an untimely death, so he never got to making a fully working bridge with animated screens like he planned on. I hopeful (but doubt at the same time) that someone get their hands on his file before his passage, as it’s really the only completely accurate and lifelike replica of the TWOK bridge in production.

    • Sorry for the typos. I’m hopeful*, got*

    • Yes, I remember when he posted those on SciFi-Meshes, and I’m just glad I got to compliment his work at the time. He’d also built a very impressive movie era Enterprise with even more delightful interiors: A shuttlebay, officer’s lounge, and crew rec deck. Those images too should be somewhere on SciFi-Meshes.

      I learned of his passing about a month after, when I went searching the internet for more of his work, since I hadn’t seen any of his posts for a long time. That was definitely some beautiful work. So young and talented, it was very sad to learn of indeed. 😦

  31. Basil, your work is phenomenal to say the least. Your interior shots bring to life those sections of a starship that fans could only imagine. I gladly point my friends and fellow gamers (USS Bonaventure-PBeM!) to your website so they can see for themselves how unique the TWOK era starships were, and of which you give great service to rendering.

    BTW, did you ever consider exploring the B-deck of the Constitution class starship (refit)? Not too many fans ever considered that there was a conference room on this ship located on that deck, and that the Captain and XO had their own offices.

    • Very much appreciated. I only wish I had more time and energy to devote to it currently (I’m mostly hibernating right now when I’m not having to earn a living).

      I often flirt with doing those never seen sections such as B-Deck, but all too often somebody comes along shortly after I begin, starts a similar project, and knocks it out of the ballpark. Sorta takes the steam out of my engine, but usually serves as an excellent inspiration a couple of years later when I want to revisit the concept. 🙂

  32. Basill,

    Truly excellent work.

    I am a part time photographer and would love to be able to use some of your backdrops (crediting your work, non-commercial), where a model is super imposed onto the image, with your permission of course.

  33. Here is the first photo:



    • Interesting. Certainly well lit and properly proportioned. Superimposed well enough, but the background looks noticeably blurry in comparison to her foreground. Was that intentional?

  34. Yes intentional, it creates a shallow depth of field, which focuses more on the subject. The 2nd one I post shortly will show this as well, it is more natural in that your eye can only focus on one object and everything behind is out of focus.

  35. Great art work! I wanted to give you a heads up that I am incorporating your transporter pad artwork into a scene that I am creating for entertainment purposes.

    http://tafoyaproductions.com/Bordo/The_Land_of_ Slimbo_ MFing_Slim_ &_ Friends/Scenes/Teleportation_w_Reflections.gif

    which appear here


  36. I am a late comer and discover of your blog, but I do know and enjoy your design work.. your Star Station India is particularly fun to view

  37. Hi Basill, great work on the bridge. Would you please contact me via email?

  38. I also want permission to use your screens as backgrounds for a fan film. please contact startrekraven@mail.com. AND if there is something I can do for you please let me know. David Whitney

  39. Hey, Basil. It’s been a while! I’d like to chat with you about some movie-era bridge dimensions. Could you send me your email? Mine’s DVersiga84@gmail.com. I just want to confirm some measurements I’ve found.

  40. Hi, Basil!

    I am certified addict of beautiful starship art, and I love your work. The exactitude of your interiors is astounding and your passion for what you do is obvious.

    I have a request – I am the captain (senior admin) of the Starship Intrepid, a text-based Star Trek roleplaying community that has being going for over five years.

    Our roleplay is set on a refitted Constitution class starship, and I was wondering if you’d mind me using some of your art to illustrate what the interior of the ship looks like. It’ll just be listed on a thread entitled “interiors”, with captions for each image labelling it as the bridge, hangar bay, etc. It will be a useful resource for new members, so that they can better envision the environment where their characters are interacting.

    Obviously I will host the images myself (via Photobucket), and include a very prominent link to your site wherever I use them!

    I hope that’s agreeable. If not, then no harm done, and may the Great Bird of the Galaxy Roost on your Planet 🙂

  41. Basill, this is simply amazing work. I’ve been trying to create my own sets for some time – seriously, maybe 15 years – and I get what you mean when you said above how it can take some steam out of you when you see what other people have done. Just imagine how much steam goes out of someone who comes across this site for the first time 🙂

    I’ve got a Trek storyline that I’ve been turning over in my head for 20 years, but I haven’t found the right medium to tell it with. Maybe a videogame, but the recent motion comic book advances are really compelling.

    I’m trying to develop a prototype for a motion comic based on a Federation starship similar to a refit Pegasus-class scout vessel. As such, the Ayzaki engine room is making me salivate. Oh, who am I kidding, the whole site makes me salivate. Do you allow your stuff to be downloaded for rendering alternate camera angles and so forth?

    • Thanks for the compliments.

      If you are asking if the models themselves are downloadable, I don’t currently offer that, but any viable images on site are free use, if you can find them a nice home. 🙂

      • Fair enough, thank you. There’s plenty that I can prototype with, and perhaps if the results are good enough maybe I can persuade you 🙂 I promise I won’t pester, though.

  42. Would love to see some of these imported into Unreal 4 so we can explore the ships first-hand. Have you considered importing them? I am certain that if you were to do so, it would bring a lot of attention your way!

    • I should probably be embarrassed to admit it, but I’m not remotely familiar with that platform.

  43. Greetings, Basill,

    Today I found one of your ‘communication network’ graphics while searching for some elements I need for an upcoming edit of ST:TMP. I’m re-working the primary console shots in the Epsilon 9 scene, and I’d like to use your green version in one of the views. Is this cool with you?


    – AM

  44. Hey Basil :))
    I have just been checking out your fabulous bridge renderings for the Enterprise Refit you have done here. Your work is excellent, Mate, and it has inspired me to contact you to see if you would be interested in making some 3d renders of my interiors for my re-imagined Enterprise-A. The external mesh of her was made by Raul Mamoru and she is currently being animated by Chris Adams over at HardWire Productions. I have just made the concluding doco in a trilogy dedicated to bringing her to life, which you can watch here…

    You are most welcome to have a look at the plans and external renders of her at my FB albums at…
    Anyway, Mate, I love your work, and if you would like to, it would be really fab to work with you on my Enterprise, if you like her enough to want to do so.

    Hope to hear from you soon :)))
    Best from Spence =

  45. Hello! I haven’t seen any way to contact you about acquiring one or more of these images for use in a mobile application. Would you please contact me via the email I provided?

  46. Hello,
    My name is Robert England (Robert (at) Starfleet (dotcom)) I am the creator of the animated fan episode, ‘Star Trek: Beyond Antares’.
    I am working with the Star Trek: AXANAR crew to create the first and only Photorealistic CGI Animated Star Trek Fan Series set in the TMP Era! In 3D and Virtual Reality, with all the voices of the Original Actors In NEW Stories. We hope to set the project we are calling “1701VR” to warp speed ASAP. I am writing to ask if you will share what TMP Era 3D Models you have created and collected, I have seen a few from you and they would be very helpful as reference if nothing else and even as production models in some cases. It would really help if you could perhaps, put together a TMP Era 3D Model and Texture ‘Care Package’, in return I will send you a Perks Package and include your name and links to your work etc. (if you like) at 1701VR.com
    and StarTrekNext5.com (all under construction as we ramp up production)

    We especially need a TMP Bridge (ideally pre and Post the change in Spock’s station position, textured, lit etc. So we can start to make early tests., ) but anything you can send from Phasers to Klingon Cruisers would be GREATLY APPRECIATED, you could email it to me at:

    (Robert (at) Starfleet (dotcom 🙂

    I will make a point of returning the favor by sending a PERKS CARE PACKAGE back to you, We will have many exciting things such as our own VR Viewer Apps that sit you in Star Trek themed VR Theaters, T-Shirts, Patches and Stickers with the 1701VR logos, 3D Blurays etc. and much more. Not too mention exiting the theater when ‘something happens’ onboard. and you JOIN THE STORY! In more ways than one if you decide to help us out with some 3D Model sets!

    You can read more about it at:

    PLEASE make a point of getting involved, you have already done SO much Great Work to create, assemble, and collect these wonderful 3D models.
    I would love to have your involvement in this exciting adventure! Even if we don’t use the models in the final production, they would help enormously as we develop pre-visualization work and decide how we are going to best design our production models. Of course if any are usable we will save the time and give appropriate credit where due in the actual episodes!

    Thank you for your time, KA’PLA!

    Robert ‘Woody’ England –
    Creator: Star Trek ‘Beyond Antares’,

  47. Is there some way to email or contact you directly?

    Thank you.

  48. Hello Basill, I got you email, (I LOVE Libraries! 🙂 About contacting me directly, please tell free to email me at Robert (at) Starfleet (dot) com. I am just ramping up production now, since JJ Abrams made the recent announcement, that the AxanarLawsuit has been dropped, an StarTrek fan film makers will not longer be sued by the studios, the Trek FanFilm world has opened back up. I would love to feature your work!

  49. Hi Basill,

    great renderings, I am pitching an idea to some investors and will give full credit to your work because the Trek things I tried to describe to them falls flat BUT with your images I am finally making headway! Once things are in place I will update you with details and hope to commission you for direct ideas to the project since you have such a keen eye for the perspective and imagination of Trek and its realism.

    If all goes as planned…more to come.

    Trekfully yours,


  50. Hi Basil,
    I am a Star Trek, Star Wars fan, and starship designer for Star Trek.
    I love your work you do on everything, exterior & interior. One of the starships (Lancer class) follows a design I made, using the Excelsior. She was my favorite design to use.
    I only use MS Paint, however, I am good in making Master System Display, and starship designs. I just wondered if I could email you?

  51. Hi. I was wondering if I could use some of your renders for fanfiction manual I am writing for a refitted Enterprise from the 30th. Century. Its supposed to pay homage to TMP. Thanks.

  52. Hi, I wanted to ask you if I could use your transporter 3c image for my moon video? The “beam me up” platform rendering?


    • You are free to use the transporter 3c image. The other image is not mine, but rather belongs to Donny Versiga.

  53. Hi Basill,

    I am a writer for a fan blog for Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game (http://continuingmissionsta.wordpress.com), and am fascinated by your Star Station India. Would it be OK to write up game stats for it and use your image? I will of course link back to your page. Thank you.

    • Hello Tony,

      Sorry to get back to you so long after your post, but I’ve been away from this site for over 2 years. You are free to use my images as you choose, and the link back is very nice. Thank you.

      It will be interesting to see how others interpret what they see versus my own “personal” stats for the station’s overall functionality.

      I’ve only recently started playing with my modeling and rendering again, and hopefully in the near future I’ll have newer, more updated images to post of the station with ships docked around and about.


  54. Hi! I’m an amateur filmmaker with a love for anything sci-fi, and I’m in the process of editing a Star Trek fan film. I’ve found myself in need of some stock images of the Enterprise refit, and I stumbled upon your amazing renderings. Would it be okay if I used them?

  55. Just wanted to say how much I absolutely love the USS Strider and USS Mustang renders. FASA Star Trek has been such a big part of my life for so long – it is just a treat to see these ships. How they get the imagination churning! I’d love to see more and would gladly fund you (Patreon, PayPal, etc.).


    • Thanks so much. Of course the Strider is not my design, but was inspired by another 3D artist who had started his own refit version a number of years ago. He never finished it (to my knowledge) but I was so in love with it, I had to build my own and I was able to complete it with a number of my own ideas. The Mustang was my way of harkening back more to the original FASA design however.

      I’ve been away from the modeling arena for quite some time now (over 2.5 years?), and only have enough time to tinker in this like a hobby, so I could never consider any type of funding for something that is just a short term pleasure, but thanks for the offer.

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