A Starship Control Center

As per usual, still a work in progress. I’ve tried to put them into some logical order, though they were rendered in a very different manner.  This is why some images may look markedly incomplete despite where they rest.

movie_bridge_052bThe view aft (effectively wide-angle), towards most of the main stations.

movie_bridge_034Port side turbolift, communications, and environmental control (left to right).

movie_bridge_027bCentral command area, complete with the captain’s chair and the ship’s main helm and navigation station.

movie_bridge_019bDown in the recess near the helm station.

movie_bridge_033bLooking back forward towards the ship’s main viewscreen.

movie_bridge_050bHelm and navigation station from above.

movie_bridge_051bMain astrogator for plotting course and maneuvering the ship.

movie_bridge_030aCommunications station.

movie_bridge_023fHeading aft looking starboard.  Visible over the central command area (left to right) is the internal security station, the main engineering station, and the science officer’s station.

movie_bridge_015bThe modular nature of bridge stations allows for a number of configurations.  This ship has the science officer’s station directly behind the captain’s chair.

movie_bridge_029bStill looking starboard in a more forward direction, one can see the damage and repair control station just to the left of internal security.  Artificial gravity control is visible to the far left.

movie_bridge_016cThe science officer’s station has extendable side consoles which hold considerably more controls and indicators than a single standard console could manage.

console_buttons_036That same science station with the side consoles retracted.

movie_bridge_008bFrom starboard looking aft, two turbolift access points aid in the overall efficiency of bridge entrance and egress.

movie_bridge_005Lighting on ship tries (to some degree) to mimic the natural day/night cycles of the crew majority’s primary home world.  Thus, late night duty shifts can get pretty dim, but the station’s control indicators continue to glow brilliantly.

movie_bridge_006The bridge’s engineering control station, a duplicate of the chief engineer’s control station in the ship’s main engineering section, and the most direct means of communicating status between the bridge and engineering sections.

7 Responses to “Bridge”

  1. superb work again, although I am a Star Trek 5 or 6 bridge preference myself, I like the more organised look they hold. Still great work though.

    • Thanks! Yeah, there’s definitely features of those later bridge designs that I like too, but this was the one I fell in love with as a kid when it was all fresh and new. 😀

  2. This is such incredible and detailed work! Well done! The bridge from Star Trek: The Motion Picture is my absolute favorite.

    I was thinking of doing a papercraft model of the Enterprise refit bridge. Would you consider sharing your 3D mesh files with me so that I can use them to make paper patterns to cut from?

    • Thanks so much. Unfortunately, I don’t have any 3D modeling I’m willing to share at the moment, but you are free to use any of the images posted on my 2D Graphics page if you think they would help as surfaces.

      As for patterns, I’m not sure how papercraft projects come together, but I myself used the “U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 Bridge Blueprints” posted on the Cygnus-X1 Blueprints page as my main reference. It focuses on the movie refit bridge, and those schematics might be useful for a papercraft project.

      Here’s a link to that Cygnus-X1:

  3. Hey Basil :))
    I have just been checking out your fabulous bridge renderings for the Enterprise Refit you have done here. Your work is excellent, Mate, and it has inspired me to contact you to see if you would be interested in making some 3d renders of my interiors for my re-imagined Enterprise-A. The external mesh of her was made by Raul Mamoru and she is currently being animated by Chris Adams over at HardWire Productions. I have just made the concluding doco in a trilogy dedicated to bringing her to life, which you can watch here…

    You are most welcome to have a look at the plans and external renders of her at my FB albums at…
    Anyway, Mate, I love your work, and if you would like to, it would be really fab to work with you on my Enterprise, if you like her enough to want to do so.

    Hope to hear from you soon :)))
    Best from Spence =

  4. Very well done – beautiful art work.

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