Akyazi- Engineering

Here is the interior of the engineering section of my Akayzi class USS McCook.  It closely follows the deck plans from the book Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume 2 by Todd Guenther, but I’ve made minor deviations to fit my slightly altered version.

engineering_interior_19Main intermix shaft facing a forwardly starboard direction.

engineering_interior_21Close-up of the main intermix shaft.

engineering_interior_12Close up of the main control console.

engineering_interior_22The starboard side, facing directly aft towards impulse engineering.

engineering_interior_11Early experiment with textures mimicking intermix plasma.

7 Responses to “Akyazi- Engineering”

  1. How did you do the interior of the warp core? I’m looking to do that and I’ve yet to figure out how.

    • At first I used Photoshop to create some interesting patterns (not sure if those images are up) but eventually I used a freeware program called Apophysis to create some neat abstract fractal images. I altered the images further in photoshop to get the colors and textures I wanted (actually inverted them I think to turn the black to white) and then just used them to UV map the cylinder at the center of the intermix shaft. It might even be possible to render an animation of some sort for the same purpose, but I wouldn’t know where to begin with that. 😀


      This is where I got the Apophysis program. It’s been forever since I used it though, and it took a LOT of experimentation.

      Edit: I put up the earlier image with the older intermix plasma texture. I actually still like that one very much and use it in other engineering areas.

  2. Wonderfully done. Do you have anything of the bridge done that you could post? I would love to see that!

    • Thanks again. I never finished the bridge I started for the Akyazi class, but I’ll see if I can scramble up a few of the images I might have done early on.

  3. I bet there would be Star Trek fan-film writers and directors who would eat Klingon home cooking to utilize your designs in their forthcoming productions. This is superior work. I’m sure they would cheerfully sit, hunched over a hot computer, rotoscoping in their actors onto your backgrounds from greenscreen, sighing blissfully as they survey the finished result, fram by painful frame. Then they would squeeze their fists and grin as they mixed your flybys with their scenes and watched a quality movie come together before their very eyes.

    I’m sure you’ll be getting offers soon! Your work’s too good to ignore.

    Some bright spark is going to do a rewrite of a tight little script, set entirely in the engineering bay – a tense little hostage story or similar and then ask you, very nicely, if thy could um … y’know … borrow … with full credit, of course … pretty please, with a cherry on top!

  4. Wow what great images. Do you have High resolution vectors. I would be interested in purchasing a few. Its for our sunday School background theme. They are fantastic.

    • Afraid not. I never did anything particularly high resolution and I don’t even have that program any longer since I work on a Mac now. Sorry.

      That program I mentioned above is freeware though if you wanted to experiment with it yourself. I haven’t touched it in years myself.


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