3D Starfleet Interiors

This page will be dedicated to some of the interior shots I have done for the 3D starships and stations I have to work with.  As I compile more renders of specific subjects I will be creating dedicated pages for some of the images posted here and eventually move them to their own respective locations. Links to the new pages will remain here and be accessible at the Pages Menu to the right.
Also, some of these are still work-in-progress images and I hope to update them as I continue modeling and rendering.

Akyazi- Engineering:

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Akyazi- Cargo Stowage:

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Workbee Stowage Bays:

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Miranda Class: Cargo & Shuttle Bays:

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Airlock & Spacesuit Staging Area

This is one of my favorite meshes reproducing the look of the airlock set from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  More of a staging area for extra vehicular gear, various space suits hang in those angled alcoves, and an air tight door (far left) leads to an isolated exit on the ship’s external hull.

While researching this project, I discovered that, in the film, we are lead to believe this set is directly adjacent to the cool airlock alcove visible on the underside of Enterprise’s saucer (where Spock departs to investigate their alien captor). This airlock is noticeable as a detail on the Enterprise filming miniature and was also built as a practical set for footage that was ultimately cut from the theatrical release (though it was shoddily edited back into the Extended Cut with incomplete matte effects). It is almost certain however, that this facility was intended to be at the top of the saucer.

Just on the other side of that airtight door is an elevator platform. It is square in shape with a waist-high post at its center, which houses the control buttons and multiple hand grips. It is not immediately apparent without certain extra footage used in extended versions of ST:TMP.  It is definitely apparent in a cut scene where Kirk is being suited up to chase after the errant Spock. When the hatch is opened the elevator platform is clearly visible as Kirk enters the airlock with two crewmen. This set piece is the same platform that Kirk and company would utilize towards the end of the film, dramatically rising from within the Enterprise saucer’s upper hull, exiting the ship for their final confrontation with V’Ger. 😀

Airtight exit (far left), primary control console, & spacesuit storage alcoves.  Needs some space suits.

Exit opens to reveal elevator platform that rises to upper exterior hatch.  Note the bench and bulkhead to the far left.  The angle of the bulkhead may indicate the implied shape of the saucer’s outer rim before creative necessity changed the airlock’s location.

A view on down the corridor.  I always thought it odd there was no door here, but I guess that’s how you remain stealthy…

In those  Wee Hours…

…Ripe for Vulcan nerve pinches

The ever present greeble pattern behind the lift platform.  Specularity settings were a little high this render.

Opposite side of the room.  Still needs space suits. 😉

Interior Of An Exterior? Airlocks From The Outside

That elevator platform as seen form a ship’s upper exterior hull.

Elevator_Lift_005Platform still lowered in its airlock shaft.

Elevator_Lift_006Platform fully raised to be flush with the exterior hull.

An exterior airlock nook installed on board Kevin Riley’s beautiful Loknar class USS Phobos.

Airlock001Lit from within.

Airlock003Fully lit.

Airlock010From a touch further away.

One Variation of the Standardized VIP/Officer’s Lounge

This was originally built as a higher definition replacement for Kevin Riley’s own amazing VIP/Officer’s Lounge aboard his USS Phobos. It was mostly intended for close up shots or views from inside the ship looking outward through its enormous viewports, but I never finished it. With need for something similar aboard my Abbe class model, I recently began playing with it again, realizing it could be utilized there.There are enough differences from Riley’s original design elements, that I figured this could be thought of as a nice variation to one of several standardized Starfleet designs. The aft bulkhead with the viewports was not finished for the Phobos, nor is it yet finished for its Abbe class installment. Eventually, it will be visible through four huge viewports, along the aft section of the large central mound that rests atop the ship’s primary hull (I’ve personally seen so many cool interior versions of this basic exterior structure).

Phobos_VIP_14bNewly updated version of an officer’s lounge.

Phobos_VIP_16Both furniture and carpet are of different colors than Kevin Riley’s original set. Wood texture and interior arrangement is all subtly different as well.

Phobos_VIP_15Back entry wall is noticeably more curved than Kevin Riley’s Phobos version.

Phobos_VIP_12A much older render- 1.

Phobos_VIP_13Older render- 2.

McCook- Officer’s Lounge & Crew’s Mess

Though hardly austere, The Akyazi Class Perimeter Action ships are small vessels with few amenities. This single room aboard the McCook is one of the few indulgences such a ship boasts.

Still, with very small crews and few officers aboard, this lounge is frequently open to the majority of the crew, sometimes for the views alone.  The ship has very few view ports and these are the largest on board.

The crew’s mess.  Despite the more modest accommodations for a majority of the ship’s staff, this mess sports four smaller though still sizable view ports.  Some joke that they offer a finer view than the officer’s lounge, especially during standard orbital holding.


The Sickbay seen in both The Motion Picture and The Wrath Of Khan were quite an awesome improvement to an already fantastic design from The Original Series. This is my attempt to recreate some of that.

Early attempts at blocking & lighting once most of the modeling was completed.

Desk finally in place. Didn’t care much for the one in the films. It was a bit bulky.

7 Responses to “3D Starfleet Interiors”

  1. Any chance you’ll release these models? WOW!!!!

  2. seriously… you should consider applying for a gig at a studio; to work as a environment modeler. what rendering engine do you use? mental ray? or maybe even v-ray perhaps? do you use 3d max or maya? or are you a lightwave junkie? i work (on and off) as a 3d generalist in NYC and ur stuff is pretty damn good for a freaken hobbyist. although.. it is a very tough job market at the moment. GOOD STUFF MAN!

    • Thanks, but it really is just a hobby. I’m not sure I could do “gigs.” I find I have very little focus for things that I don’t actually desire to render. As to the method of my madness, I use Lightwave to model and render.

  3. TMP airlock & space suit staging area

    I would say the biggest argument on behalf of the theory that this belongs into the saucer and enables a lift to its surface comes from the control console panel: http://movies.trekcore.com/gallery/albums/tmp2/tmphd2040.jpg

    There is an obvious “UP” and “D[ow]N” indicator for “ELEV[ator] TRAVEL”

    • Yeah, agreed. I studied that panel pretty closely in the older smaller screenshots (before the HD edition) when I originally did that interior model, specifically so I could include that panel. I don’t have the graphic I used on me at present however, and I don’t remember how accurate I got most of those labels (though it doesn’t appear as if the HD version has revealed anything more strikingly conspicuous). Looks like it has several “ELEV” specific functions sprinkled about.

      That might be a nice graphic to update and post (not sure why I didn’t already post it), especially if I just chose to fill a few labels with random terms for lack of clarity as I might have. I’ll check my records when I get home today and take a look.

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