Starship- USS McCook, Akyazi Class

NCC – 1089

Perimeter Action Vessel

This is actually a blending of my favorite features of the Akyazi Class Starship and her 2 subclasses, Arbitor and Akula.


Shots of the McCook as she patrols the Neutral Zone and Outer Rim territories of the Federation…

These are various test shots featuring different lighting and background scenarios.ย  Some are designed to highlight the ships self-illumination as was common on TMP era starships.

Here are some newer shots

Some test shots showing docking shuttle placement, a permanent feature on some versions of this class.

8 Responses to “Starship- USS McCook, Akyazi Class”

  1. Amazing work, sir. I’ve always been a fan of the perimeter action ships, and you’ve done a wonderful job of bringing them to life. Have you done, or are you going to do the Akula sub-class at some point?

  2. Hi,
    Amazing images!
    I’ve been a fan of the Akula class ship for years, and used it as a base when I started Trek fan group.

  3. Hi, your rendition of the Akyazi Class is superb. I have to say I have walked those decks many times in my imagination and you have captured them well. Any plans to sell all your art to date on a CD? Maybe a 3-D walk through? Thanks, Pete.

    • Thanks! No, no plans to sell anything. I couldn’t if I wanted to. I just put it up here for anyone who wants to look at it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. As a fan of the perimeter action ships, these are amazing. The work you have done just makes this ship even more and more amazing to me.

  5. Love these creative shots of the Akyazi class Perimeter Action Ship, USS McCook! I wish the major timeline would be restored in the films, that Abrams would no longer direct the movies, and that we’d get a major motion picture highlighting the Akyazi class. This frontier patrol design deserves its own tv series.

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