Starship- USS Corsica, Abbe Class PT Destroyer

NCC – 5308

Abbe_034cThe heavily armed USS Corsica, set for defensive patrol duties in and around the sectors surrounding Starstation India.

Abbe_023hAs an Abbe class PT destroyer, the USS Corsica, boasts one of the largest modular weapons pods in Starfleet.

Abbe_014r2Her ventrally mounted warp nacelles are spaced and balanced specifically to boost overall speed performance.

Abbe_019iThough it does reduce her overall range, this nacelle emplacement, combined with her lighter mass, allows her to reach trouble spots more quickly.

weaponspod004While certainly no secondary hull in the traditional sense, the prominent weapons module dedicates a significant portion of its internal volume to the ship’s primary torpedo bays, housed at the fore and aft ends of the module. (Stand-in WIP image for later render upgrade)

Abbe_041The module is fitted with 8 projectile launch tubes: 4 targeted forward, and the remaining 4 bearing aft. Though intended primarily for high yield weapons ordnance and rapid torpedo salvo, the entire platform also serves as a means for launching long range science probes and autonomous sensor drones.

Abbe_042The USS Corsica sports a relatively low profile for a ship bolstering as many of the defensive and offensive capabilities as it does.

Abbe_024bThe Corsica has one of the more unique impulse engine assemblies in Starfleet given its center line placement on the primary hull where it connects to the ship’s main warp assembly. (Stand-in WIP image for later render upgrade)


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