Starfleet Style Radial & Concentric Corridors

This was my first attempt at Starfleet-styled corridors in the Lightwave 3D Modeler.  They were initiated specifically for the Akyazi mesh, but of course they’d work on any starship of the early Star Trek film era with limited adjustments.  As such, I would eventually exploit them for use as my interior models inspired by Kevin Riley’s Loknar class Phobos.  The spinoff series Star Trek: The Next Generation would also utilize many of the same movie sets for the Enterprise-D, naturally refurbished and updated for the 24th century.  The radial corridors were some of the least altered movie era sets used on that series.

corridor_04aA Turbolift Access Corridor: Deck C, Akyazi Class- USS McCook.

corridor08A juncture of radial & concentric corridors on the McCook.


One of the great features of those studio sets was how a simple and minor alteration of set dressing in combination with different lighting scenarios was frequently used to simulate different locations on the ship.  If we are to assume that other Starfleet vessels of this era were styled as the Enterprise was in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (and evidence for this is seen in seen in several of its sequels), each deck would have it’s own markings or distinct color to distinguish it from other ship’s levels.  If you were familiar with a particular ship, you’d probably immediately know what deck  you were on the moment the turbolift doors opened.

untitled_11A turbolift access corridor on H Deck, in the engineering section of the Loknar Class- USS Phobos

corridor_red_05aE Deck of the Phobos: designated, “Officer’s Quarters”

corridor_blue_04aMore of H-Deck on board the Phobos.

Radial corridor on E Deck of the USS McCook. leading to a more functionally specialized cargo corridor (link).

A little further down the stretch.

17 Responses to “Corridors”

  1. Looking dammed cool!!

    • Thank you very much. Been working on it for years now. 😀 Of course they are never finished. Nothing ever is.

  2. Your work is amazing. I’m putting together a low budget sci-fi show for the web. Mostly shot with green screen. Would you be interested in possibly creating some backgrounds for me. I need to create a star ship interior. Corridors, crew quarters, main bridge, the works. In fact all the sets will be done with green screen. If you’re interested in possibly doing something like this let me know. I’d love to tell you more about the project.


  3. This is some really nice work.. Much like the fellow posted above i would like to use some of your talent for some green screen work in some videos.. Please email me back so we can talk further

  4. Woah! That is way cool. I am designing a starship corridor of my own, but it is a drawing and looks nothing like yours.Yours is really awesome. if anyone is gonna say that they dont like this, the’re idiots.

  5. I don’t like this, therefore I am an idiot. ;P

  6. Your sets look fantastic.
    A few years ago, I did some TMP corridors in Lightwave v.7.0
    I’m curious how you did your illuminated panels?
    What settings etc.
    I could never get mine to look right.
    And if you don’t mind, what render settings did you use?

    • I’d have to check my settings as this is all just a hobby, which makes it difficult to carry any of that info in my brain long term if ever. I do know that I did a number of the earlier corridor renders in LW 7.5 some years ago. I do know that the panels glow on their own with no other light sources faking it. I never set luminosity at 100 % or higher though; that tends to create “jaggy” features along a glowing object’s outer edges. I usually just counter any dimness by ramping up the intensity of the global illumination effect until it felt bright enough. I don’t remember if I bothered with any other surface settings at the time (diffuse, specularity, gloss), as I was even more inexperienced then. There was almost certainly some glow enabled in the post render image processing as well. It’s a feature you have to activate in the surface editor for that particular surface, and then make sure the renderer is set up to apply it once the render calculations are complete. Many of my corridor renders took quite a few hours to complete for sure.

      I’ve since moved to 9.6, importing the files to the new modeler, and rendering methods have improved since then too. I don’t recall exactly how global lighting and radiosity worked in 7.5, but I now frequently use the Monte Carlo and Final Gather radiosity methods offered by the newer version. Things seem to be a more effective and slightly speedier now, though depending on settings and sheer number of polygons, it can still take its sweet time too. The luminosity settings and the intensity settings for Global Illumination still follow the previous norm.

      I haven’t done a corridor in quite a few months (last summer?), though I might be playing with some portion of them in the very near future.

  7. VERY IMPRESSED! If I ever get a lottery win come though, the interior of my home will look like this. I will hire you to do the architectural drawings for me lol love it!

  8. Hello we are looking for the picture “cargo corridor 36B” in hight definition,
    for printing it on an XXXXL format.
    Can you please gives us your contact for having information about that.
    You’ll normally have my email adress into the form
    thank you for your coopération

    Corinne – New Calédonia

    • I’m sorry to say, the image posted above is the highest definition of the image ever rendered and saved. There are currently no plans to return to that prticular model or scene in the near future, as I am upgrading my systems and want to concentrate my efforts on new ideas and projects.

  9. Beautiful corridors. These styles were always my favourite. I also always loved the red doors as first seen in the Wrath of Khan. Well done.

  10. Hey, Basill, terrific work. Would like to speak with you about using your corridors in our fan film series! Please contact me!

    • Thanks! Been on vacation for a bit and just returning home. Not sure what you are needing exactly, so what’s the best way to contact you, as I don’t inhabit Facebook.

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