Transporter Room

One of my favorite interior models, this transporter room was a fantastic experiment in light, color, and texture for me.  I never assigned this to a specific ship.  It could belong to either the McCook or the Phobos, or any other Federation starship of the era.  It is all in the choosing.

I loved these backdrop panels in the chamber.  The honeycomb structure was actually modeled in 3D and backlit as a translucent surface. but ultimately it took too long to render, and I had to replace it with a UV texture map.


An early view of the control booth before finalizing its backdrop wall

The view from the transporter pad.  The control booth’s backdrop wall is complete.


View from the control booth and the chamber’s new (easier to render) textured backdrop.


A view from the alcove to the right of the booth.

Exit to the corridor.  The door is open.  Welcome Aboard!

7 Responses to “Transporter Room”

  1. These are very cool. Is there any change I can use one of your images for a background for an assignment, please?

  2. You’re 3D renderings are incredible! Please contact me because, I would like permission to use one of your images for a project that I am working on.
    thank you. -Rob Ramos

  3. Your models and renders are top notch! I ran into your site after googling “Starbase 11” (I have a thing for the purple sky painting), and you really nailed the TMP interiors.

    • Thanks so much! I love unconventionally colorful skies too, which is probably why I’ve always been so drawn to those shots myself. 🙂

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