Miranda Class- Cargo & Shuttle Bays

First: The Miranda Setup

Miranda Class starships have a set of four self contained bays; the port and starboard landing bays, the main cargo facility nestled between them, and a secondary cargo bay perpendicular to all three, which connects them and allows free movement of shuttles and cargo.

The basic layout.  All bays are separate but directly accessible to one another.

Next: The Main Cargo Bay

The main cargo bay sits directly between the port and starboard landing bays.

There are two cargo transporters on opposite (port & starboard) sides of this bay. Here is the port unit on standby.

Powering up for an incoming delivery. The primary mechanics of this transporter unit are directly behind the protective radiation shielding visible behind the platform.

Both transporter units are operated by the main control station, located in a booth at the center of the bay.

Minor cargo arriving via transporter.

All in one piece!

Arrival as viewed from the central control booth.

The large hatch just to the right of the transporter unit opens onto Shuttlebay 1.

There is a turbo lift station at the center of the bay directly opposite the control booth.

The turbo lift station.

View from the starboard half of the bay

View from the turbo lift.

Next: The Shuttlebays and Secondary Cargo Passage

Shuttlebay 1 is on the port side of this Miranda Class starship.

From the upper walkway, viewing aft, one can see the landing bay’s large main doors which slide open to the depths of space, as well as the smaller doors along the inner bulkhead which isolate the smaller maintenance garages.

The opening to the secondary cargo bay which also serves as a through way to all the larger bays.

Though usually open during standard operations, large folding doors help maintain fully autonomous environments within the huge separate bays should the need arise.  Workbees are typically stored and maintained in this bay alone.

While serving as a through way for incoming and outgoing vehicles and materials, this bay also handles its share of cargo stowage.

A large elevator pad will be at the center of the secondary bay to transport shuttles to and from their storage and maintenance bay one deck below.  Access to the main cargo bay is also here at the center of the bay.

6 Responses to “Miranda Class- Cargo & Shuttle Bays”

  1. Fantastic, simply fantastic. Very well done, you should be proud of this top notch work!

  2. Was just wondering, is this imagery based on the plans from Federation Frontiers?

    • Yes, and more than a little loosely, though they are also inspired by some fan built scale model images I came across about six years ago. I mentioned this on one of my original WIP blog entries shortly after starting the site up (Link), but seems I forgot to mention it when I created this more gallery oriented page.

      • As one of the designers of those plans, I was more than a little tickled to see the design realized so impressively. 🙂 (And sorry for taking so long to stop back and say that!)

      • No problem, and thanks so much. I have to say, I ‘ve adored those plans for a number of years now, and I really enjoyed trying to realize them in some way. I tried to stay fairly faithful to the plan designs, but of course, I had to take a few liberties, given that I was trying to emulate multiple interpretations: From those 2D plans, scale model fan projects, and just a general attempt to flavor it with the style I recognize from the film sets as “Starfleet Standard.” 🙂

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