Akyazi- Workbee Stowage Bays

Workbee Stowage Bays

The Workbee Bays for the Akyazi were a lot of fun to build but took a lot of time.  And after rendering these few shots, I knew how desperate I was for a new system to increase my CGI abilities.  Now I have the system I wanted. 😀

The fan reference book that inspired these projects specified a limited number of stowage bays as well as distinct types of bay for each specific sub-class of the Akyazi Class Perimeter Action ships.  I could never decide which one I liked most; heck, I couldn’t decided which class I was most eager to build.  So like the cherry picker I tend to be, I ended up blending my favorite elements from the 3 individual sub-classes.  I decided to have at least two separate types of stowage bay and maybe a few more workbees than the standard complement of a perimeter action ship.  I rationalized that perhaps the mission details of this particular ship, The U.S.S. McCook, might demand a few extra maintenance and repair craft than typical (Still, it’s only four).

The first of these bays are on the underside of the ship’s primary hull (ventral), towards the forward portion of the the ship.  The workbee rests in a retractable claw-like mount which also serves as an umbilical connection for refueling and recharging.  Airtight doors open under the claw mount, as extenders push it toward the open expanse of space.  There the workbee is released to go about its bee business.  I’m thinking the various job-specific attachments are stored in nearby compartments and can be accessed by the workbee, or sent out to rendevous with a workbee by remote.  I haven’t worked that part out yet.

Workbee Stowage- Ventral Port.

Early test render showing workbee deployment.

Newer Mac Renders with Global Lighting Employed

…and a progression of images demonstrating deployment




Slightly different angle peeking at the depths of space. 🙂

New versions of the bay, fleshing out some details and effectively connecting it to other interior spaces

wrkb_ventral_stow_016aThe view from the entry way which opens onto a riser platform, level with the main deck of the corridor.

wrkb_ventral_stow_015dA view from behind the bee, revealing the riser platform and the airlock hatch which opens into the port side cargo staging area (link).

The Aft Workbee Stowage Bay

This is at the port aft of the primary hull and stores 2 workbees at a time. Here they slide into bases that cradle them from below.  The bases also lock the bee into place and serve as umbilicals for a workbee’s consumable needs.  I placed a control console in here just as I did in the other bay, but unless you are wearing a space suit I wouldn’t recommend opening the garage doors. Of course there is this remarkable new technology testing in newer Starfleet vessels, which uses force field containment to maintain internal environments that are open to space… 😉

Akyazi_WkB_exp703Workbee Stowage- Aft Port Interior.

Akyazi_WkB_exp004A look back at the entry way and the control console.

Workbee Stowage- Aft.Workbee Stowage- Aft Port: Exterior shot.

Akyazi_WkB_exp003View from a bit further astern.

Akyazi_exp74A workbee gets to business.

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