My Art

Here are some links to my art.  I enjoy modeling and rendering 3D interiors, starships and space stations.  I also enjoy creating some of the 2D graphics used as texture and imagery in the 3D realm.

This page’s editing is a WIP and mostly for parenting purposes, but all the links are always accessible to the upper right corner of any page.


2 Responses to “My Art”

  1. I would love to purchase a piece of your work. I’m in a game and we need a Constitution Class refit star ship with the name USS-Bonaventure NCC 1745-A. I know a lot of our members would be grateful just to have one of your existing skins with our ships name on it. We can’t find anything without the Enterprise name, and we don’t like to borrow other’s people work.

    • I’m afraid I don’t have a Constitution Class refit of my own. I’ve only ever borrowed from Dennis Bailey to render the Enterprise. More importantly, I can’t sell any of my work relating to Star Trek since it is copyrighted material.

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