Oooops, I Need a Yardstick…

•July 13, 2015 • 3 Comments

Some minor scaling adjustments made.


Abbe_040f2aWas forced to shrink the shuttle and the inner bay’s large corridor access hatch.


(Quick synopsis- I learned to diagnose and fix a problem with incompatibly scaled models. Read no further unless sleep is your objective. ;) )

My self imposed procrastination bit back the other day, and I had to make some minor size adjustments so everything was more accurate in scale. I tend to be a throw-it-together-and-measure-later kinda person (in my art anyway). Although I’ve always tried to match and follow proportions, I’ve never truly concerned myself with knowing the exact dimensions of a thing (especially since I rarely have those on hand). I’m quite used to shrinking or enlarging objects in order to fit them together only after it’s been necessitated, whether it be in Modeler layers or Layout scenes. Often I’ll simply use one “universal” object or geometry to help match different models to a compatible scale. Continue reading ‘Oooops, I Need a Yardstick…’

Auxiliary Austere

•July 7, 2015 • 3 Comments

Hangar decks for the more minimalist minded starships

Abbe_038aAdded the hangar deck to the Abbe Class, USS Corsica. Here, a shuttlecraft rests atop its raised landing platform, preparing for launch.


Finally got around to installing one of those snug hangar decks aboard the Corsica. These little hangars are most often seen on fan ship designs such as the Abbe class. They’re typically suited to much lighter ships sporting little to no secondary hull and no prominent primary hull extensions, the lack of which offers them far less internal volume for any extensive landing bay facilities. Continue reading ‘Auxiliary Austere’

Did Someone Say Aztec?

•June 25, 2015 • 2 Comments

Two Birds… One Sisyphean Stone…


Impala_test_014f2Got the hard stuff out of the way.

Finally got the Aztec patterns for the ventral hull in place, and managed to get two for the price of one (plus a tiny extra bit of work).
Since I’d used the saucer section from my Abbe Class USS Corsica as a foundation for this Lancer class USS Impala, I was happily able to transfer the newly UV textured surfaces back over to the Corsica model when I was done. Continue reading ‘Did Someone Say Aztec?’

New Nooks and Crannies

•June 10, 2015 • 2 Comments

Torpedo niche get’s its day as ventral details get fleshed out.


Impala_test_009c1Forward torpedo launchers find their niche.


While not the deep cutout depicted in by my reference sources, I did choose to attempt a more moderate inset that could house a decent pair of torpedo launchers and possibly still claim to contain other vital features and reasons for existing (whatever those undecided things might be). Continue reading ‘New Nooks and Crannies’

New Fleet Addition- WIP

•June 5, 2015 • 8 Comments

“Bash” inspired Lancer class- light frigate.


Impala_test_004dbPrimary hull extensions: hallmark of some of the best “kitbash” designs ever.


This design originated in Eric Kristiansen’s Jackill’s Starfleet Reference Manual: Ships of the Fleet Vol I. However, it was only my recent visualization of a fully realized scale model, that sparked my insistence to build a CGI version of my own, and add her to the growing fleet of ships that call Starstation India their home port. Continue reading ‘New Fleet Addition- WIP’

Just Some Docking Fun

•April 10, 2015 • 2 Comments

Giving the Corsica another place to park for a bit.

SSI_109Another slip within which to nest.

Was just playing around and decided to experiment with some shots of the Corsica docked in one of the inner pier slips. Since I’ve rendered all of my other ships there (as well as a few by other modelers), I figured it was as good a time as any. Continue reading ‘Just Some Docking Fun’

A Peek…

•April 7, 2015 • 2 Comments

Under the hood.

SSI_107The perfect place for greebles.

Finally got around to adding some greebles where the pylon meets the pier. Continue reading ‘A Peek…’


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