A Revisit

•March 25, 2019 • 1 Comment

Revisiting a test render I did some years ago, now that more station features have been fleshed out.

Thought I would try posting a render I did recently as homage to an old image I posted years ago (2011).
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Underneath Ortho Fun

•March 22, 2019 • 3 Comments

An ortho from below.

Just a little more fun with the orthographic views. This time, from below!
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More Orthographics

•March 15, 2019 • 3 Comments

Station profile from the North side.

Rendered a few more orthographic shots of the station. My first test was just an attempt to render in orthographic camera without removing all the other elements in the same scene I’d recently been working on.
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Ortho Test

•March 13, 2019 • Leave a Comment

ortho_top_002aTesting an orthographic shot of the station from above.

New Docking Shots

•March 8, 2019 • 6 Comments

Just a few new images of docking scenarios with my latest computer system. I’m so happy I can render multiple ships all moored at various locations across the station, now visible in its entirety.

south_dock_impala_010aA view from beneath the South piers where the Impala is docked. Other vessels can be seen in their various berths, or holding station orbit nearby.

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It’s Been a While

•March 6, 2019 • 6 Comments

zf_img_8093Star Station India gets some new attention to detail and several ships in port.

Been away from all things 3D for quite some time and haven’t updated this site for over two and a half years, but I’ve been working on updating a lot of features of Star Station India over the past few months. Continue reading ‘It’s Been a While’

A Long Time Away

•August 30, 2016 • Leave a Comment

5 months without a single Lightwave…


Thought I would post some images of my Abbe Class Corsica model, after I realized I’d only ever posted WIP images during the modeling phase(s).
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