•February 27, 2015 • 1 Comment

May The Prosper Truly Never End.


Bad Weather = Model Time…

•February 22, 2015 • Leave a Comment

(…When the power’s on)

SSI_097fThe moody observation deck.

Had a nice three day weekend with the President’s Day holiday, that ended up turning into a 5 day weekend with all the crazy winter weather we’ve been having. I know it is nothing compared to what our northern and coastal states have been experiencing, but here in the south people just aren’t as prepared for such things. A single snowflake falls in these parts, and it’s like the sequel to the Henny Penny fable has gone into production. “Chicken Little II: Polar Vortex. The sky IS falling, and someone’s gonna FREEZE!

Anyway, I got quite a bit done early on until we lost power for a few hours on Monday. Continue reading ‘Bad Weather = Model Time…’

Moving Slow On Upgrades

•February 16, 2015 • 2 Comments

But managed to sprinkle in a few new features.

SSI_095New observation deck, located in the arch, a ways above the docking port.

On Thursday evening, I was able to tinker with some items on my space station’s latest focal area. I was really interested in making some of those larger viewports on the inner arch look less like generic light boxes and more like habitable interior spaces. Continue reading ‘Moving Slow On Upgrades’

Starstation Attention

•January 28, 2015 • 7 Comments

A return to the land of the living…

SSI_091bDetail beginnings: Interior spaces for the central junction of the South pier and the start of a fueling station along its lower pylon.

I’ve been restless the past few weeks, wanting to visualize some elements of my space station. I haven’t touched it since November (technically, I’ve barely touched my computer since then), and even then I was just trying to give my brain something to do for a short period when I was in a funk, Continue reading ‘Starstation Attention’

Boards and PADDS

•October 2, 2014 • 3 Comments

Posting some images as source for a topic elsewhere. Cheers! :)
Continue reading ‘Boards and PADDS’

Closer Inspection

•October 1, 2014 • 4 Comments

Greeble growth persists

space_office_transp_rm_019A few more minor details added upon closer inspection.

Continuing to add details at a snail’s pace. It seems mold grows faster than greebles on my current schedule. Seriously, I could probably do this faster in a Petri dish. Continue reading ‘Closer Inspection’

A Tad More Detail

•September 25, 2014 • 4 Comments

Greeble Sprinkles

space_office_transp_rm_018bNearly viable docking ports.

Got some more details in place. I’ve put in more lighting boxes and equipment detailing, such as the recessed EVA hand grips and emergency rescue levers. Continue reading ‘A Tad More Detail’


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