Planetary Forecast:

•April 1, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Closer orbit with a high chance of clouds.

SSI_091h2Added a few extra layers to the planet model.

Got some nice clouds by loading up another planet model I’d worked on in the past.  I was able to utilize its distinct cloud sphere layer, and exploit a couple of other spheres, each also residing in their own separate layers, to add some blurring and horizon glow features. Continue reading ‘Planetary Forecast:’

Land Ho?

•March 25, 2015 • 2 Comments

Planets are afoot.

SSI_104What’s That Big Round Thing?

(Oh, and textures… textures are also afoot)


OK!  In addition to getting some textures on the lower pylon’s surface, I decided Starstation India finally needed to have it’s anchor planet within plain view.  Since my personal render-fiction calls Starbase 37 the home and surface based counterpart to the giant orbital facility, I figured I wanted to at least start some conceptualization of how that world might appear. Continue reading ‘Land Ho?’

Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake…

•March 18, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Greebling goes on.

SSI_095cThe main gangway: Greebles form upon exterior while interior spaces form within.

I added more greebles to the new gangway over the weekend.  I especially liked its beginnings, but thought it appeared more than a tad bland compared to my other design.   So, I brought some details over from the older gangways to help better cement the two designs and spice up the mix Continue reading ‘Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake…’

More Station…

•March 14, 2015 • 2 Comments

A few more station details and angles of the newly commissioned Corsica

SSI_103A new angle of the docking.

Just a few new renders, though only one from an entirely new angle. I know how boring and blurry rehashed renders can get, so I added a new angle to concentrate on the docking of the newly registered Corsica. The other renders are just retakes to test some newly added or refined station details. I’ll be continuing to add more greebles and textures to the lower pylon soon, though I plan to keep it “Spacedock Lite” rather than “Regula Rich,” (if you know what I mean). I’ll probably go a little more nuts (and bolts) in those tighter sections under the pier structure where the pylon joins up. Continue reading ‘More Station…’

Final Registry

•March 10, 2015 • 5 Comments


SSI_099dThe USS Corsica.

Ok.  I went back and finally endowed my Abbe class starship with the name I’d been planning for some time.  I re-rendered my earlier image of the ship, newly docked to the interior gangway of the South Arch (3/11 – Minor update: Re-re-rendered after a few new station details and refining background). Viewed upon from above, the docking is a sight from within the South Lounge (more affectionately known as SoLo). Continue reading ‘Final Registry’


•February 27, 2015 • 1 Comment

May The Prosper Truly Never End.


Bad Weather = Model Time…

•February 22, 2015 • 2 Comments

(…When the power’s on)

SSI_097fThe moody observation deck.

Had a nice three day weekend with the President’s Day holiday, that ended up turning into a 5 day weekend with all the crazy winter weather we’ve been having. I know it is nothing compared to what our northern and coastal states have been experiencing, but here in the south people just aren’t as prepared for such things. A single snowflake falls in these parts, and it’s like the sequel to the Henny Penny fable has gone into production. “Chicken Little II: Polar Vortex. The sky IS falling, and someone’s gonna FREEZE!

Anyway, I got quite a bit done early on until we lost power for a few hours on Monday. Continue reading ‘Bad Weather = Model Time…’


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