Starship- USS Impala, Lancer Class Light Frigate

NCC – 2540

Impala_test_009c1Rigged primarily for escort and patrol, the USS Impala heads for her newly assigned home port, Starstation India.

Impala_test_014f2Though only designated a light frigate, she packs an impressive punch compared to most vessels that share her classification.

Impala_test_015cTwo torpedo launchers are set in niche along the bow edge of her primary hull.

Impala_test_010b1Heavy phaser canons, which are dorsal extension mounted to the warp nacelle pylons, also provide a primarily forward sweeping targeting arc.

Impala_test_012baThough their overall firing arc is diminished, these canons gain a tremendous upsurge in yield, having plasma siphoned directly off the main engine’s intermix in order to provide phaser energy.




Impala_test_011fAtypical asymmetry: A single shuttlebay dominates the starboard stern.

Impala_test_016aShe has standard frigate class impulse engines, but they’re still beasties.

Impala_test_004h2Though a preponderance of her heavy weaponry aims forward, she maintains well balanced defensive coverage along her flanks and remaining circumference.



Impala_test_030a2Having entered the India Sector more than a day ago, the Impala arrives at the outer edge of Starstation India’s primary system.


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