Constitution Class (Refit)- Shuttle Hanger & Cargo Bay

Many of these images are at various stages of development with missing and/or inaccurate detailing, but these are the best I have rendered so far.  I’ll update them slowly but surely in the future.

hanger_03One of my first global renders on my new Lightwave Software…

shuttle_landing-cargo_bay_053b…Compared to a nice faked lighting method on my old system- benefits and drawbacks to both methods.





shuttle_landing-cargo_bay_023A much earlier render, but a nice angle

From the shuttlebay looking down into the cargo section

These next few are a little dark so far, so I’ll be remastering these later

A step further back

A closer look at the shuttlebay doors

An attempt to brighten things up, but things are still a bit askew (especially the color)

Nice view of the workbee docks, though there are a number of unfinished model elements

Fixed most of the unfinished elements, but sadly, the image is exceptionally dark on most monitors.  Will fix.

An interesting perspective from the observation view port.

12 Responses to “Constitution Class (Refit)- Shuttle Hanger & Cargo Bay”

  1. That’s an awesome work! really cool!! I love original Kirk’s beautiful ship!!! please more :o)

  2. This is one of the best Trek interior 3d I’ ve ever seen, but I must tell you I was in love with the hangar bay since I was 13… drawing what I can remember of it in my school diary…

    Why don’t you share it ? There’s some sites I would like to mention for it, like Foundation 3d, or

    Please, consider it a tribute to your outstanding skill into doing it 3d, forgive my eagerness to play around with it (I’m a Lightwave user myself)


    • Thanks. I have considered sharing some of my meshes before, and I may still someday, assuming I ever finish a single thing I’ve started. 😉
      Actually, I’m in such a state of disorganization at present I really need to sit down some weekend, take all of my latest version meshes, and just catalog them all in a new separate batch. I tend to keep everything in the WIP phases- lifeboats really. I should also probably go into all of them and alter their scales so they actually match perfectly as well. Presently, since I don’t do a lot of pre-planning, I just start building things at random. I realize later when I integrate other items I’ve built just how out of scale they are. Bad habit really. So, someday.

  3. I think its awesome that your renderings come from the TOS movie era (2270s-2290s). That era is by far my favorite! I would love to see your renderings of crew quarters. Keep up the great work!

  4. Had the life size Enterprise been a reality in las Vegas, you definately would would been needed to help “flesh out” the interior rooms that were never seen in any of the movies. Your consistency with what is cannon is amazing. I want to see more!!!!

    • Thanks so much. Yeah, that Vegas thing would have been a treat! 😀
      (Not that I’d have had a snowball’s chance on Venus to participate 😉 )

  5. ABSOLUTE STUNNING works of art here. I ditto all said above, what superb pieces. Since the view is all round, is there a computer walk through animation, or are they all just stills…not that “just” reduces in any way the quality seen here.

    • Thanks so much! Alas, they are all stills. Animation is by no means my strength or talent. I’ve done a few exterior animations, but considering how long those take (and given how much time the still renders alone can consume), I’ve yet to gather the nerve to commit to such a project.

  6. Can you do more on the Constitution Refit? Great Work

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