Port Gangway- Double Deck Standard

From Frigates to Heavy Cruisers

The average gangway is a ship’s primary access when hard docked in port.











4 Responses to “Port Gangway- Double Deck Standard”

  1. Holy crap, this is awesome, for years I have imagined what this area of Enterprise looked like inside. Very well done! Love the backlit deck ID markings on the walls.

    TMP Refit Enterprise is and will always be the best ship.

    • Thanks! I’ve boarded enough ships over the years, it had me imagining how that airlock worked itself out on the inside, given that it’s unquestionably split between two decks. After seeing some 2D speculations about possible options online, I decided I wanted to go with what I liked best. 🙂

      btw: The deck ID markings on the walls aren’t backlit, but rather have small spot lights illuminating them from above (the sources presumably out of direct view, nestled amongst the ship’s overhead support beams). However, I like the idea so much, I might make a variation with that in mind. 😉

  2. This is amazing. I , too, have wondered what this area of the ship would look like. I couldn’t imagine the split between decks either. Great job!

    • Well, thanks. I just watched so many episodes of The Love Boat as a kid and have done my own cruising through the years, that I just had to build it so I could see with my eyes what was there in my mind. The Next Generation episode “11001001” also inspired me with its depiction of a starbase/starship main-gangway situation, and it had me building them into some of my earliest 3D models back in the mid 90’s.

      Some might think the space is a little wasted, but a number of the platforms and such are actually designed to be of temporary set up and stowable. So, the entire space could actually be used for other purposes when a ship is on long duration missions, including temporary cargo stowage or ice cream socials 😉 . Granted there are airlocks all over the ship, but the primary airlock can be still be used for exterior hull maintenance with or without a gangway setup, and there are are a number of maintenance access points all over the interior space (as is the case with the entire ship). Given that the saucer’s concave underside begins the up slope of its outer edge just beyond those angled walls on the lower level, much of that space beyond are assumed to be filled with hoards of conduits, minor equipment, and ever narrowing crawlspaces (Jefferies tubes and the like).

      (I probably should have put some of this info in the page commentary itself, but I never finished editing things or added any captions, so I’ll probably do that now. Thanks again. 😉 )

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