Phobos Engineering


A personal request for some WIP images of the Main Engineering section of the Loknar class, USS Phobos.  USS Phobos mesh by Kevin Riley. These are some basic wireframes that show the location of the main warp core, or intermix shaft as it was called in TMP days.  I have surmised that though the ship is symetrical  with two impulse engines, that there might be only one “Main Engineering” servicing the entire ship.  The other side might have a similar facility, though more auxilliary in nature.  Either side could run the entire ship and I suspect that both sides have intermix shafts, with connections running through the underside pylon that holds the torpedo housing.



Interior Renders


The best render I have done so far, but still a WIP.  All of these images are facing the ship’s fore.  There is a strange narrow box-shape up in the ceiling near one of the support frames over the horizontal intermix shaft.  This is an artifact of a door frame from the level above, sticking down into the chamber.  I have since corrected this, but not re-rendered it.


A little darker and I didn’t use any reflection for a speedier render.  This shows the ladder a little better.  I haven’t put in an elevator yet, but I suspect it should go on the opposite wall.  You can see the part of the shaft that extends out towards the engine pylons to fuel the port warp nacelle.


Upper deck of Main Engineering.  This is the last vestige of the nacelle shaft before it disappears into the pylon.  This crude image is very  WIP as I hadn’t even begun work on the interior of the impulse deflection crystal housing.  The intermix shaft just slams into where the ceiling level will be.

Here is a nice little gallery showing some WIP angles and transparencies.  Static images of 3D meshes are a little harder to make out but hopefully they will be of use showing the context of the interior elements and exterior hull.  You can see more of the intermix shaft in the first image, and parts of it are inspired by the Voyager warp core that I always thought looked extremely Motion Picturesque.

Just ignore those last 6 images.  They’re the same images viewed from the top of the page.  I couldn’t figure out how to put images in seperately from the gallery format.

~ by starstation on February 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Phobos Engineering”

  1. This is amazing work!!

    Its existential, you can certainly see yourself standing there and moving in that space. The more texture and details, the better it looks!

    I think what it will ultimately need, as sprinkles on top, are some work (desk) lamps, pipes, maybe some TWOK fire extinguishers.

    • Thanks! I do love existential. I love sprinkles too! Problem is, I usually want to move on to other pastures before I get too many details done. Like a goldfish though I always return and begin working with it as if it was a new plaything. I’ve been slowly building up my “greeble” items list so that I can use them as an inventory for any number of projects, but I’ve just not found the time to start sprinkling some of those things into all my works yet.

  2. Thanks for the email, finally saw it. I love greebles, sprinkles, GNDNs, or whatever we call them . . . but how you’ve done the Jefferies Tube, impulse deck, etc, and made it all fit in the hull is amazing! I’d love to take your finsihed product and do some enormous Adobe Illustrator deck plans for them.

    So one serious question I can’t nail down in my mind: When was this ship operating? Built during ST:TMP? ST:TUC? Or later still, since it has such a high registry? Ha. What are your thoughts?

    • Thanks. I have envisioned this ship in the design stages as early as TMP and maybe fully operational by the TWOK period or earlier. I’m one of those people that tends to follow the philosophy of loose assignment regarding ship’s registry. I like to think that whole blocks of numbers are reserved for future ship assignments and only when they are operational do they get the number. A ship like the Excelsior may have been given its 2000 designation a decade in advance of her fully operational status, while she was still a concept. After all, she was the “Great Experiment.” Other ships however, might have (using existing technology) beat her into space by years and with slightly higher registry numbers (well within a 1000). That way, the Loknar class Phobos can be a little higher in number and the much larger numbers of the TNG era can still have their consistency. Still, I didn’t number her and the original artist Kevin Riley might have different ideas about that.

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